Bob Dylan Vinyl LP Nashville Skyline featuring Lay Lady Lay. Vinyl Schallplatte. Disque 33 tours
Bob Dylan Vinyl LP Another Side of Bob Dylan. Vinyl Schallplatte
Bob Dylan Vinyl LP Blonde on Blonde. Vinyl Schallplatte Langspielplatte Bob Dylan. Disque 33 tours.
Bob Dylan Vinyl LP The Freewheelin'. Vinyl Schallplatte. Disque 33 tours Bob Dylan.
Bob Dylan LP John Wesley Harding. Vinyl Schallplatten. Vinyl record. Bob Dylan skivor. Disques Bob Dylan 33 et 45 tours
Bob Dylan LP The Times They Are A-Changin'. Vinyl Schallplatte LP record disque 33 tours skivor
Bob Dylan Vinyl Single Schallplatte Knocking on Heavens Door

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 BOB DYLAN - Vinyl LPs

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Artist Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Bob Dylan Another Side of Bob Dylan CBS 62429 LP UK 64 EX+/EX Erstpressung England 1964. Stereo. Spielt sehr gut. Label hat kleine Beschriftung. Coverrand links oben etwas angerauht. Cover hinten paar ganz kleine Flecken 60
Bob Dylan At Budokan  CBS Sony 96004 2LP NL 78 AAA   35
Bob Dylan At Budokan CBS Sony 96004 2LP NL 78 AAA/NEU  + POSTER + BOOKLET; NEU + UNGESPIELT 45
Bob Dylan At Budokan  Columbia 36067 2LP USA 78 AAA + MAXI-POSTER

+ OIS (lyrics)

Bob Dylan + The Band Before the Flood CBS 22137 2LP NL 74 AAA   20
Bob Dylan + The Band Before the Flood CBS 22137 2LP D 74 1 Erstausgabe (1st pressing) 25
 Bob Dylan Biograph CBS 66509 5 LP BOX NL 85 AAA Die legendäre Dylan-Collection im fabrikneuen Zustand: Geschenk-Box mit 5 LPs (53 Songs von 1961 bis 1981, inkl. 21 unveröffentlichte Tracks), + Booklet mit Dylans Anmerkungen zu jedem Song, + 36-Seiten Farb-Booklet mit Fotos und Text *ho
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde CBS S 66012 2LP NL EX first orange label 25
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde Columbia 463369 2LP NL NM   *
 Bob Dylan Bob Dylan CBS S 62022 LP NL 1 Bob Dylan's first LP / Bob Dylans erste LP *
Bob Dylan Dylan Columbia AL 32747 LP US 73 AAA   *
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited CBS S 62572 LP NL 1   20
Bob Dylan Knocked out Loaded CBS 86326 LP NL 86 AAA NEU + UNGESPIELT / NEW + UNPLAYED!

+ OIS + original cover sticker

Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline CBS 63601 LP NL 1/AAA   20
Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline Columbia 32675 LP NL 1/AAA   20
Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline CBS Sony 1596 LP PHI 1-/AAA Philippine edition! *
Bob Dylan New Morning CBS 69001 LP NL 1   20
Bob Dylan New Morning Columbia 32267 LP NL re 1/AAA   20
Bob Dylan Subterranean Homesick Blues  CBS 32344 LP NL AAA wie neu ab Fabrik. rotes Label *
Bob Dylan + The Band The Basement Tapes Columbia CBS 88147 2LP NL 75 EX++/AAA Topzustand *de
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' CBS 32390 LP NL AAA   20
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' CBS 62193 LP NL AAA Topzustand wie neu. LC code 30
Bob Dylan The Freewheelin' Columbia CS 8786 LP US 63 EX++ Original US pressing! "Stereo 360 Sound" 2-eye Columbia label! Deep-groove. SX Very early 58719-3BA/ 58720-2AA matrix! Superb condition vinyl. Super-clean labels. Superb cover with only slight ring wear 75
Bob Dylan The Times they are a-changin' CBS S 62251 LP NL AAA   *
BOB DYLAN - Vinyl Singles + EPs >LPs
Bob Dylan George Jackson CBS 7688 Si NL 71 EX+/NM   20
Bob Dylan Gotta serve somebody / Trouble in mind Columbia 1-11072 Si US 79 NM Promo, ns 10
Bob Dylan It ain't me babe CBS 201760 Si UK 65 EX+ Erstausgabe 1965 + original CBS Firmenhülle 20
 Bob Dylan I threw it all away / Drifters Escape CBS 4219 Si D 69 AAA Original 1969, Topzustand 20
Bob Dylan Knocking on heaven's door S CBS 1762 Si UK 73 EX FLC 20
Bob Dylan Knockin' on heaven's door Columbia 4-45913 Si US 73 AAA Original US-Single; ws 20
Bob Dylan Lay Lady Lay Columbia 33178 Si US (69) VG+ + weisse Papierhülle 10
Bob Dylan Lay Lady Lay Columbia 33178 Si US (69) NM Topzustand + Original Columbia Firmenhülle 20
 Bob Dylan Leopard-Skin Pill Box Hat / Most likely you go your way CBS 2700 Si D 66 NM  

Ungespieltes, fabrikneues Exemplar von 1966. Alles neu, auch die Bildhülle wie frisch aus der Druckerei! Keine Holland-Pressung, deutsches Original!


Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone / Gates of Eden CBS 1952 Si D 65 NM/EX++ Original Erstpressung von 1965 mit Bildhülle Topzustand! *
Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone / Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35 Columbia 13-33100 Si US (65) EX++ mit Original Columbia Firmenhülle Topzustand! 30
Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone CBS 201811 Si UK 65 NM Erstpressung von 1965 mit CBS- Firmenhülle. TOPZUSTAND! *ce
Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street / From a Buick 6 CBS  M 1893 Si  D 65 AAA Topzustand Vinyl und Bildhülle wie neu. Keine Holland-Pressung!

Original German pressing with picture sleeve in superb condition as new (vinyl, labels, picture sleeve). No ring wear, nothing. Just perfection. And full factory-fresh lustre on vinyl!


Bob Dylan Rainy Day women No. 12 35 / Pledging my Time / One of us must know CDBS EP 5660 EP FRA 1 rare original French EP in beautiful condition 45
Bob Dylan Rita Mae / Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues Again columbia 3-10545 Si US 76 NM US-Original 1976. Neues, ungespieltes Exempar, + Original Columbia- Firmenhülle 20
Bob Dylan Tonight I'll be staying here with you Columbia 45004 Si  US 69 EX++ Original US-Single von 1969 im Topzustand + Original Columbia Firmenhülle 25
Bob Dylan Wigwam CBS 56122 Si D 70 1 ohne Bildhülle 10
Bob Dylan Wigwam CBS 56122 Si D 70 1/AAA mit Bildhülle 15
Bob Dylan With God on our side / Motorpsycho Nitemare CBS EP 6266 EP cover FRA 66 AAA Picture sleeve only / Nur Bildhülle / Pochette seulement 25
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SFR = Swiss Franc

Bob Dylan 1967
Tom Thumb's Blues French EP
Bob Dylan vinyl single schallplatte George Jackson
Bob Dylan's first LP

Come gather 'round
Wherever you roam
And admit that the
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-
- Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Schallplatte zu verkaufen Bob Dylan vinyl record for sale Disque 33 45 tours Bob Dylan en vente ici


Bob Dylan LP Highway 61 Revisited. Vinyl record. Schallplatten von Bob Dylan. Disque 33 tours
Bob Dylan Schallplatten. Bob Dylan LP New Morning. Vinyl Lp disque 33 tours. Skivor Bob Bylan. Disques 33 et 45 tours Bob Dylan
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