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Artist/Group Title Label/No. Form Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Aleks, Stan Rasputin Polydor 52840 (52 840) Si D 1/AAA Aus dem Film "Ich tötete Rasputin" 15
Alpert, Herb  This guy's in love with you A+M 929 Si US 68 AAA Original USA. Superb vinyl + picture sleeve.

Original 1968 im Neuzustand!

Anthony, Ray Saddle Shoe Shuffle Capitol EAP 1-557 EP  US 1/AAA   15
Anthony, Ray Swinging' on Campus! (Part 1) Capitol EAP 1-645 EP US 1/AAA   *5
Berking, Willy + sein Orchester Top Hits zum Tanzen Nr. 3  Telefunken UXC 4825 EP D 1-  Buona Sera, Remember you0're mine, Around the World, In the middle of an Island 15
Berry Lipman Selection House of the Rising Sun / Sunrise-Melody Selected Sound 67420 Si D 86 AAA   15
Bilk, Acker Alley Cat / Handsome Gigolo Columbia SCMQ 1861 Si ITA 1-   15
Bilk, Acker Call me Mister Metronome MEP 1814 EP SWE 2/AAA "Moonlight Tango" + 3 20
Bilk, Acker Creole Jazz / Stars and Stripes Metronome B 1483 Si D  1   15
Bilk, Acker Lonely / Limelight Metronome B 1552 Si D 1   15
Bilk, Acker Moonlight Tango Metronome B 1569 Si D 1   15
Bilk, Acker Mr. Acker Bilk's Parade Vogue PNV 24067 EP FRA 1 Travelling Blues / Blaze Away / El Albanico / Franklin Street Blues 20
Bilk, Acker Only you / Fancy Pants Metronome B 1547 Si D 1-   15
Bilk, Acker Stranger on the Shore / Summer Set / Buona Sera (+1) Columbia SEG 8156 EP UK 1-/1   15
Bilk, Acker Stranger on the Shore / LImelight / Acker's Lacquer / Lonely Bertelsmann 36625 EP  D 1/AAA   15
Bilk, Acker Summer Set (+3) Metronome MEP 1758 EP DK 1 swobc 15
Borelly, Jean-Claude Dolannes Melodie Delphine 64014 Si CH 75 1/AAA   15
Brubeck, Dave Take Five CBS 11583 Si D 1   15
Buck, John Cantina, Vaquero WB A-5569 Si D 1 NO-PS 15
Buck, John Copenhagen Carousel / Lola WB A-5519 Si D 1 NO-PS *
Clayerdman, Richard Ballade pour Adéline Telefunken 6.12088 Si D 77 AAA   15
Conniff, Ray Dr. Schiwago (Somewhere my love) / MIdsummer in Sweden CBS 2089 Si D AAA   15
Cramer, Floyd Last Date RCA 47-7775 Si D 1 FLC 15
Cramer, Floyd San Antonio Rose RCA 47-7893 Si D 1 red cover 15
Cramer, Floyd San Antonio Rose RCA 47-7893 Si D 1 2 pianos cover 15
Delgado, Roberto Letkiss / Letjajenkka Polydor 52456 Si D AAA   15
Dourakine, Dimitri Casatschok Philips 370 746 Si FRA 1/AAA Original-Version 15
Faith, Percy Theme from a summer place Philips PB 989 Si UK 59 AAA Erstausgabe 1959 im Topzustand + Original Philips Firmenhülle 20
Faith, Percy Theme from a summer place (Scandale al Sole) Philips 322.529 Si ITA 1 FLC 15
Faith, Percy Theme from a summer place Old Gold OG 9059 Si UK AAA FLC 15
Faith, Percy Theme from a summer place Philips 322.529 Si D 1- picture sleeve 15
Faith Percy Theme from "A Summer Place" Philips 322.529 Si NL 1 FLC 15
Finnish Jenka All-Stars Letkis (Jenka) / Sekaletka (Jenka) RCA 47-9608 Si D 1-/1   15
Greger, Max Jump mit Max Greger Brunswick 10010 EPB EP  D 54 VG-/EX Original Nähcover. Tracks: Off and On, Soft, Tanya, Heavy Juice. Achtung: nur VG minus 15
Greger, Max O mia bella Napoli Polydor 24786 Si D AAA   15
Greger, Max Rumba Express Polydor 20239 EP  D 56 AAA   25
> Orchester-Sis-2
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Form Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Hirt, Al Fancy Pants / Stardust RCA 47-8487 Si D 1   10
Hirt, Al Java RCA 47-8280 Si D 1 FLC 15
Hirt, Al Java RCA EPA-2733 EP D 1   20
Hotcha Trio Joy Ride / St. Louis Blues / Tin Soldiers / Hotcha-Cha-Cha Philips 422 163 EP NL EX+/NM Hotcha Trio is a harmonica from the Netherlands 20
Ingmann, Jörgen Drina Marsch Metronome 1575 Si D 1   15
Jackson, Jeff Baby-Jenka / Birmingham Beat International IN 3040 Si D 1/AAA   15
Kaempfert, Bert Hold me / Pussy Footin' / Take Seven / Love for Love  Polydor 60131 EP FRA AAA   20
Kaempfert, Bert Wunderland bei Nacht Polydor 24086 Si D AAA  = "Wonderland by night" 15
King, Ricky Fly with me to Malibu Epic 2614 Si D 1   10
King, Ricky Le Rêve Epic 4688 Si D 1-/AAA   10
King, Ricky Manolito / Vera Cruz Epic 7270 Si D 79 AAA/1   15
King, Ricky Mare / silver Beach Epic 5352 Si D 1-/AAA   10
King, Ricky Verde BASF 12800  Si D 76 AAA   15
 Lewis, Ramsey Wade in the water Chess 6.13016 Si D (66) EX+/EX  Oldies but Goldies 15
Masekela, Hugh Grazing in the Grass UNI 55066 Si US 68 VG+ Original US Single von 1968 auf dem popigen UNI-Label. ns, co 15
Moore, Bob Mexico London 20452 Si D 1-   10
Prado, Perez Jamaica at Midnight RCA 2571 EP D 1   25
Prado, Perez Mambo Nr. 5 / Mambo Jambo RCA 47-9177 Si D 1 FLC 15
Prado, Perez Patricia (+3) RCA EPA 4322 EP D 1/AAA   20
Prado, Perez Patricia RCA 47-7245 Si D 1- ns 10
Prado, Perez Patricia RCA 47-7245 Si D 1 ns 12
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Form Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Santamaria, Mongo Watermelon Man Bellaphon BF 18252 Si D 1/1- Original-Version 15
Santo + Johnny Slee-Walk / In the still of the night collecables  86014 Si USA AAA neues, ungespieltes Exemplar, ns 20
Scholz, Walter Sehnsuchtsmelodie Teldec 6.14279 Si D 84 1 No PS 8
Sounds Orchestral Cast your fate to the wind vogue15197 Si FRA 1 FLC 15
Sounds Orchestral Cast your fate to the wind Vogue DV 14276 Si D 1 mit Bildhülle 15
Spotnicks Alabamy bound / In the mood Polydor International 421.015  Si D AAA/1   30
Spotnicks Amapola / Cape Kennedy Polydor 52925 Si D 1- NO-PS *
Spotnicks Havah Nagila / Papa Oom Mow Mow Polydor 52933 Si D 1/1-   15
Spotnicks Moonshot / Old Man River Polydor 52279 Si D 1/2 NC 10
Spotnicks Orange Blossom Special / Spotnicks Theme Polydor  52937 Si D 1   20
Spotnicks Space Ship Rendezvous / Drina-March Polydor 52206 Si D AAA   20
Spotnicks Spotnick Theme / Orange Blossom Special Ariola 45394 Si D 2 NO-PS 12
Spotnicks The Spotnicks' Best Polydor 225.-081 STEREO EP  D 65 1/AAA Amapola, Johnny Guitar, Havah Nagila, Orange Blossom Special *de
Spotnicks Vol. 1 President PRC 306 EP FRA 62  1/AAA   25
Spotnicks Vol. 2 President PRC 317 EP FRA 62 1/AAA Hey, good looking / Old clock at home / Johhny Guitar / My Bonny 25
Tabor, Charly Trag diesen Ring / Bolero Mexicano Metronome M 495 Si D  1/AAA   20
Vaughn, Billy Berlin Melody London 20458 Si D AAA/1- wieder lieferbar! 20
Vaughn, Billy Blueberry Hill London 20364 Si D 1/1-   15
Vaughn, Billy Morgen / Eine Nacht in Monte Carlo London 20282 Si D 1/1-   15
Vaughn, Billy Sail along, silvery moon London DL 20154 Si D 1   15
Vaughn, Billy Wheels / Sail along silv'ry moon abc 11881 Si D 1   15
Vaughn, Billy  Zwei Gitarren am Meer / Lili-Mrleen London DL 20484 Si D EX/NM   15
Würges, Paul Pepe / Geisha Baby Ariola 35610 Si D 1 Legendärer deutscher Rock n Roll, No PS 15


>Vinyl Singles

Conniff, ray 's Marvellous Hallmark SHM 779 LP UK AAA wie neu ab Fabrik! 20
Conniff, Ray The Happy Beat CBS SBPG 62/32 LP UK 62 AAA Volare, Gigi, Yellow Rose, Mack the Knife, never on Sunday, Blueberry Hill, etc  25
Fischer, Horst Golden Trumpet Decca H 231 LP D AAA neu und ungespielt!

Sonderauflage für den Deutschen Schallplattenclub

Jankowski, Horst Jankowskingsize - For Nightpeople Only  MPS 14274 LP D 70 AAA Original 1970. Topzustand? 30
Kiessling, Heinz Keinz Kiessling's Coloured STrings Elite Special PLPE 30025 LP CH 64 NM/EX Erspressung von 1964! Kiesslings erste LP. Auf dem legendären Elite Special Label. Schweizer Pressung. Vinyl wie neu ab Fabrik. Label ebenso. Covef hat kleine Anzeichnungen auf der Trcaklist (nur je einen kleinen STrich) und einen Adressstempel uf der Rückseite.

Liner Notes von Heinz Kiessling in Deutsch und Englisch!

Kretschmar, Heinz (+ Horst Mand + Erich Werner) Beat and Sweet Ex Libris SG 6542 LP CH 67 EX/NM   25
James Last Nonstop with James Last 1965-1968 Polydor 1111.157-162 6-LP Box-Set CH AAA 6 LPs mit Cover: Non Stop Dancing 1965, 1966-I, 1966-II, 1967-I, 1967-II, 1968 (alle LPs in einem eigenen Cover / all LPs come with a cover!) 60
James Last Voodoo Party Polydor 2371.235 LP D 1/AAA   25
James Last Well kept secret Ex Libris XL 171.185 LP CH 75 AAA   25
James Last Well kept secret Polydor PD 6040 LP US 75 AAA/1 +OIS /  USA 25
Mauriat, Paul From Souvenirs to Souvenirs Philips 6325 214 LP FRA NM Neuzustand 20
Prado, Perez Latin Dance Rhythms Promenade 2243 LP US 5? VG+/NM   15
Ros, Edmundo Tanzparty mit Edmundo Ros Decca LF 1555 10" LP (25-cm LP) D AAA Ultrarare 10-inch LP. Top-open cover. Top!

Tracks: Ma, Sunny side of the street, s'wonderful, we have no bananas, softly as in a morning sunrise, You'll never know, Without a word of warning, Together, What is this thing called love, I'm just wild about Harry

Spotnicks The Spotnicks in Berlin Polydor 184.008 LP D 64 AAA Original 1964 und im Topzutand. 25
Strasser, Hugo Hugo Strasser bittet zum Tanz (Strictly for Dancing) emidisc 1C048 - 50602 LP D AAA fabrikneues, ungespieltes Exemplar 20
Vaughn, Billy The Best of Billy Vaughn Dot SLPD 512 LP UK 60s EX/NM Original UK DOT 1960s 25
Ventures > ROCK LP  
Wunderlich, Klaus Hammond Pops Telefunken 25165 LP D/CH 72 NM Special Edition 20
Wunderlich, Klaus Mr. Hammond Telefunken TS 3108 2 LP D  NM   20
An (*) asterisk in the space for the price means: this item is currently not available.

Ein (*) Sternchen im Preis-Feld bedeutet: dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht erhältlich.

Un (*) au lieu d'un prix veut dire que cet article n'est pas disponible à ce moment.

Un (*) asterisco significa: questo articolo non è attualmente disponibile

SFR 1 = 1 Swiss Franc = EURO 0.70


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Billy Vaughn Sail along silvery moon Vinyl Single Schallplatte 45 rpm disc record für Musikbox und Jukebox




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