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Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Antolini, Charly Autogramm / Autograph Original Charly Antolini Autogramm auf weissem LP-Papiersleeve (siehe Bild)

Original Charly Antolini autograph on white LP inner sleeve (see picture)

Antolini, Charly Crash Jeton 100.3317 LP D NM/EX FOC 15
Antolini, Charly Drum Beat SABA SB 15 086 LP D 66 NM/EX++ Super near mint vinyl. Gatefold sleeve. Small name written on inner face of gatefold SABA label (without tree) 25
Antolini, Charly In the Groove MPS / BASF 2121333-1 LP D EX++/NM   20
Antolini, Charly Special Delivery MPS 68256 LP D 80 NM   15
Bianchi, Elsie / Wolfgang Dauner  / Dieter Reith / Ewald Heidepriem piano x 4

("Piano mal vier")

SABA 15035 LP D 63  NM Original 1963 first pressing (red "tree" label) in NEAR MINT condition of vinyl, label (no spindle marks) and cover. Featuring Elsie Bianchi, Charly Antolini, Hans Kennel * doo
Brunner, Eddie + his Original Teddies / Ernst Höllerhagen Quartet (Side B) In Memoriam Eddie Brunner / Ernst Höllerhagen Swiss Jazz SJLP 6301 LP CH EX+/NM   15
Dave Ruosch Trio Analogic 1 Genuine 3001 LP D 92 NM neu und ungespielt / new + unplayed 20
Doldinger's Motherhood --> ROCK LP
Droz, Raymond + the Dixieland Jazz Group Swiss Folk Dixie for Dancing Tell TLP 529 LP CH EX signiert / autographed *
DRS Big Band Jazz in concert Live! Gold Records 11093 LP CH 78 NM Raymond Droz *
DRS Jazz-Quartet DRS Jazz-Quartet DRS Band 8604021 LP CH 86 NM  Bill von Arx, Renato Anselmi, Roman Dylag, Curt Treier. 20
Emphasis Emphasis Pick 93-136 LP CH 75 EX Fabulous groove reconciliating rock, funk, rhythm and jazz improvisation, with a touch of latin feeling and a perfect integration of electronic instruments. Andy Warhol told Federico Fellini about this sound: "You must hear Emphasis".

Line-up: Pierre Cavalli, Renato Anselmi, FErnando Vicencio, Nick Liebmann, Curt Treier.

Great abstract cover design by Ludek Pesek

Both cover and vinyl in superb condition.

   * age
 Ericksson, Rune Omnibus Four Leaf FLC 5050 LP SWE 80 NM Factory-fresh condition!

feat.Charlie Maroano, Wefner Pirchner, Harry Pepl, Marc Hellman, Bruno Brandenberger

First National City Band Flyin' down the highway Liverpool MR 444 LP CH 85 NM/1+ I include this ultrarare record here although it is not all jazz (includes funk, groove, blues as well). In my book this is one of the greatest vinyl LPs ever to come out of Switzerland, so I can fully recommend this practically unknown, ultrarare vinyl LP to any jazz, blues, funk lover/collector without reservations. the back cover includes 6 autographs.

Line-up: Werner Bähler, Hans Buch, Wisi A. Ritter, Richard Asman, Hans-Ruedi Schütz, Steph Wieland, Otto Andrae.

Fruth, Willi Little Darling SABA SB 15 065 LP D AAA original "tree" label; Stereo *
Gruntz, George (Piano Conclave) 2001 Keys Atlantic ATL 50 045 LP D 74 NM/VG+ Unplayed record in top near mint state. Label clean. Sleeve would be near mint but has spine break top center 5 cm, thus VG+. White label promo  20

George Gruntz (Drums and Folklore)

From Sticksland with Love MPS CRM 641 LP D NM/EX George Gruntz, Daniel Humair, Chrly Antolini, Pierre Favre, Mani Neumeier, Alfred Sacher. MPS Label *

George Gruntz (Drums and Folklore)

From Sticksland with Love SABA Stereo SB 15133 LP D (67) NM Beautiful NM vinyl, SABA 2nd label and gatefold sleeve. George Gruntz, Daniel Humair, Charly Antolini, Pierre Favre, Mani Neumeier, Alfred Sacher *de

George Gruntz (Drums and Folklore)

From Sticksland with Love SABA Stereo SB 15133 LP D 67 NM Beautiful NM vinyl, SABA 1st original TREE LABEL and gatefold sleeve. George Gruntz, Daniel Humair, Charly Antolini, Pierre Favre, Mani Neumeier, Alfred Sacher 60
Gruntz, George Jazz goes Baroque Philips 840476 PY LP D 64 NM/EX++ Original German 1st press 1964 in top condition 20
George Gruntz (The Band) Live at the Schauspielhaus MPS 68 100 LP D 76 NM Directed by George Gruntz, Feat. Charly Mariano, Flavio Ambrosetti, Daniel Humair etc. 25
Gruntz, George (George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band)  Live '82 AMIGA 855.988 LP GDR 83 NM Live in Rostock 1982. Tracks: Great Jones, El Chancho, Too Monk, In the Tradition  20
Gruntz, George St. Peter Power MPS  BASF CRM 673 LP D (68) NM superb top condition! 25
George Gruntz Orchestra The Alpine Power Plant MPS BASF 33 21460-5 2 LP D 72 NM stunning as new vinyl, label and sleeve *
George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band The first ten years MPS 0068.290  LP CH 82 NM   25
Gubelmann, Rene In Action CH-Record CHL 4125 LP CH 79 NM  The ingenious multi-artist Rene Gubelmann, here performing as a one-man music show w. vibraphone, marimaphone, xylophone, drums, percussion. Not really jazz, but a wide range of instrumental sounds. Especially noteworthy: his ingenious funky rendering of "Jesus Christ Superstar" 30
Gulda, Friedrich Gulda Plays Jazz SR International 92361 LP D 6? NM MPS Recordings 20
Gunter Hampel Quintet Heartplants SABA SB 15026 ST LP D  NM Superb as new condition of vinyl (visual and acoustic), label and gatefold cover.

Pink SABA label (no tree)

Harlem Ramblers Dixieland Favorites Polydor 2377 316 LP CH EX++/NM   15
Hazy Osterwald Hazy Osterwald has his own page / Hazy Osterwald hat eine eigene Seite >HAZY OSTERWALD
 Impetus Down to Earth Plainisphare PL 1267-5 LP CH 83 NM/EX + original promo set (xeroxed handwritten promo letter by John Wolf Brennan to a newspaper editor, xeroxed promo letter to editors in general, newspaper clippings,  poster.

Prem Ushma, Jürg Buirkhart, John Wolf Brennan, Thomas Dürst, Marco Käppeli

Jam Session Happy Dixieland Somerset 772 LP D EX/NM Raymond Droz, Miriam Klein, Stuff Combe, Peter Schmidli, Fatty George, Oskar Klein, Bill Grah 20
Kennel, Hans, Bruno Spoerri, Freddy Meier, Raffael Waeber, David Lee, Jonas Haefeli, Hans Foletti, Kenny Schidt 8 For friends only No., 1 - W.A. 3103 LP CH 69 NM Live at the Roessli Steinen, March 29, 1969. Hans released this record as a private pressing limited to 300 copies.This record is a masterpiece of modern Swiss jazz. *aeo
Klein, Oscar Oscar Klein's Bluesmen + Günter Boas Joke JLP 204 LP D 77 NM Unplayed record *
Klein, Oscar Pickin' the blues Metronome MET 15491 LP CH 74 1/AAA   45
 Koller, Hans Exclusiv SABA SB 15024 LP D  NM/EX Stunning near mint vinyl looks and sounds absolutely UNPLAYED with NO noise, not even in empty grooves!!! NO hairlines or scuff marks and only very few hardly visible spindlemarks on the clean label show that this record must have been played a few times. Original red SABA tree label. First pressing. Gatefold sleeve in heavy carton is superb but shows moderate corner wear on 2 corners and slight corner wear on 1 corner. 90% edge wear free. Few marks from removing a sticker on sleeve. STEREO * aoo

Hans Koller

Attila Zoller

Oscar Pettiford

Dick Spencer

Rudi Flierl

Ronnie Ross

Helmut Reinhardt

Hans Rettenbacher

Ira Chris

Erhard Wenig

Jimmy Pratt






 Koller, Hans Vision SABA SB 15100 Stereo LP D 66 NM/EX+ Stunning near mint vinyl looks and sounds absolutely UNPLAYED with NO noise, not even in empty grooves!!! NO hairlines, scuff marks or spindle marks on an untouched label. s Original red SABA tree label. Gatefold sleeve in heavy carton ihas slight corner wear 12 corners, slight laminate bubbling in two small spots. Otherwise superb. 50
Kühn, Joachim solos FUTURA GER 18 LP FRA NM Vinyl, label, sleeve in NM *bo


> SwissJazz-2
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Lost Peace Lost Peace Zytglogge Zyt 212 LP CH 77 EX  Swiss jazz rock band from Bern featuring Marc Hellman, Willy  Müller, Peter Lehmann, Martin (Tinu) Heiniger, Markus Küng, Claudio Bischoff. *
 Louiss, Eddie (+ John Surman, Daniel Humair) Our Knid of Sabi MPS 15049 LP FRA 70 NM   25
Mangelsdorff / Humair / Boland, etc Open Space - The Down Beat Poll winners in Europe  MPS 15259 LP D 69 NM Superb condition of vinyl, labels, gatefold cover, as new! 45
Mani Pflanzer Big Band Mani Planzer Big Band Pan 132.045 LP CH 81 NM/EX  International Music Festival Lucerne 1981 20
Metronome Quintet 20 Jahre Metronome MLP 15811 LP CH 73 VG+NM Original FOC 20
Metronome Quintet 20 Jahre Metronome MLP 15811 LP CH 73 NM Original FOC 25
Metronome Quintet At the Zoo Columbia 3E062 33501 LP CH 69 EX++/NM Original 1969 1st press. Superb as new gatefold cover with pop-up zoo (zoo is complete and as new except elephant's head connector which is missing) *fo
Metronome Quintet At the Zoo Ex Libris EL 15030 LP CH 69 EX+ Original 1969 book-club version. Identical to Columbia release above. Gatefold cover in superb condition + pop-up zoo is complete and as new except elephant's head which is missing) 30
 Metronome Quintet Just friends Gold LP 11047 LP CH 78 EX/VG+   *
Moeckel, Hans Lights on, Light Music from Switzerland  fono FGL 30-8601 LP CH 62 VG+/NM   20
Mumps (Albert Mangelsdorff) A Matter of Taste MPS 68169 LP D  NM/VG+ MPS black label. Vinyl looks and sound unplayed. Cover near mint but has a tear-off on back cover (1cm x 1,5cm) at upper edge and a tiny cut-out hole in corner 20
 Nicholas, Albert Albert Nicholas and his Swiss Friends  PAN GC 711 10" LP (25-cm LP)  CH 5? NM Rare Swiss book club issue of ultrarare recordings with Alber Nicholas and unknown Siwss musicians. Tracks include: Nick's Boogie Woogie, Buddy Bolden Blues, Indiana, Careless Love, Paper Moon, etc. Superb near mint condition. 75
Obrecht's Brass Ensemble Swiss Brass Sound CH-Record CHL 10004 LP CH 79 NM/EX   *
OM Cerberus JAPO 60032 LP D 80 NM Urs Leimgruber, Christy Doran, Bobby Burri, Fredy Studer. (Often mistakenly filed under Krautrock, this is actually Swiss Jazz)  *
OM Kirkuki JAPO ST 60012 LP D 75 NM ditto *
OM Montreux (live & more) Indian ST 1001 LP D 75 NM ditto *co
OM Rautiionaha JAPO 60016 LP D 77 NM ditto  20
OM with Dom Um Romao JAP 60022 LP D 78 NM  ditto *
Oscar Pettiford Quartet The Oscar Pettiford Quartet Ex Libris GC 708  10" LP (25-cm LP)  CH NM Ultrarare recordings feat. Oscar Pettiford, Hans Koller, Attila Zoller, Jimmy Pratt. - Songs: Stardust, Cohn's Limit, Stalag 414, The Gentle Art of Love, Oscar's Blues. Record and Cover in MINT condition. *abe
Paul Nero Sounds (= Klaus Doldinger)  Nero's Soul Party Liberty LBS 83100 LP D 68 NM/EX Tribute to Otis REdding 25
Peter Jacques Band Let's Dance Philips 6367.037 LP CH 82 NM/EX Ann Malcolm, Larry McGuire, Robet Weber, Gerd Richter, Ruedi Sutermeister, Franz David, Fernand Fantini, Nino Puttini, Renato Anselmi, Peter Jacques, Roman Dylag, Curt Treier 30
Popcorn All Stars A Tribute to the All Stars Bands of Louis Armstrong  Metronome ML 10206 LP CH 74 NM New + unplayed archive copy. / Neues ungespieltes Exemplar!

feat. Raymond Droz, Raymond Curt, Stephane Guerault, Jean Bionda, Peter Frei, Stuff Combe.

Recorded live a the Popcorn jazz Club Geneva, Sept. 1973

Reith, Dieter / Charly Antolini / Peter Witte A happy Afternoon SABA SB 15127 LP D 67 EX/EX++ Superb condition. Vinyl looks new and plays excellent. Only slight noise in empty grooves a few short quiet passages.. No spindle marks on label. Sleeve has  2 corners with slight use, a few tiny tear-offs (2mm and less) on back-cover. Original red tree label. Stereo *ceo
Reith, Dieter Open Drive Center 17027 LP D 69 NM/EX Stunning as new near mint state, visual and acoustic. Vinyl has no hairlines or scuff marks, label side A has one(!) spindle mark, side B none! No noise, not even in empty run-in and between-track grooves! Just plain perfection!

Cover has corner wear on 2 corners, some edge wear on top spine, 2mm tear at opening. Otherwise NM

Saugy, Michel Echo Digital Evasions EB 100 409 LP CH 81 VG+/NM   25   
Shivananda Headlines Gnome 6325.505 LP CH 79 EX++/   20
Split Split Liverpool Record MR 450 LP CH 85 NM Rare Swiss Funk Jazz on the legendary Liverpool label feat. Johann Bernard, Ueli Meldau, Luke Gadola, Christian Boncen, Jean-Marc Hunziker.

Tracks: The way you groove / Pacemaker / Cliffhanger Randy / Slow Motion / Rendez-vous

Gatefold cover.

Spoerri, Bruno "Iischalte-" Switched-on Switzerland CBS S 80418 LP NL 74 NM/EX+   25
Spoerri, Bruno Voice of Taurus Gold Records 11061 LP CH 78 EX Bruno Spoerri, Curt Treier, Walter Keiser. Tracks:

Hymn of Taurus, Galactic Acid, Saucers over Montreux, Meditation, Space cantata, Cosmotoxology, Saxellite, Quiet high

Vinyl + cover excellent

> more records featuring BRUNO SPOERRI
Stauffer, Teddy + seine Original Teddies In the Mood Gold Records 11201 LP CH NM Originalaufnahmen 1939-1942 20
Stauffer, Teddy Teddy Stauffer's Original Teddies (Vol. 1) Elite Special SJLP 6306 LP CH EX Originalaufnahmen / Original recordings  1940/1941 20
Stauffer, Teddy Teddy Stauffer und seien Original Teddies Telefunken LA 6167 10" LP  D ca. 1954 VG+/NM Ultrarare 10-inch LP. Plays VG(+) with moderate noise. Tracks: Limehouse Blues, Roaslie, So you left me for the leader of a Swing Band, Say Si Si, A Tisket A Tasket, On the Beach at Bali-Bali, Christopher Columbus, good Night, Ladies. --- Original poly-lined top-open cover 30
Stauffer, Teddy Teddy Stauffer's Original Teddies (Vol. 2) Elite Special SJLP 6313 LP CH NM Originalaufnahmen / Original recordings  1940/1941 20
Stauffer, Teddy The Original Teddies Schweizer Illustrierte / Telefunken SIZ 1 LP CH 74 NM   20
Stauffer, Teddy Original Teddies Elite Special 6306, 6313 6324, 6327, 6330, 6332, 6343, 6344  8 LP CH EX/NM Die komplette Serie der Teddy Stauffer Aufnahmen - alle 8 LPs von Vol. 1 bis Vol. 8 im Topzustand. 100
Stauffer, Teddy The Wonderful Sound of Ex Libris EL 12444 LP CH 82 NM   20
Stauffer, Teddy ...und seine Original Teddies Elite Special 319103 (Club-Edition) LP CH 80 NM/EX   20
Tanzorchester des Schweizer Radios Tour de Swing CH-Records CHL 4106 LP CH NM Hans Möckel, Peter Jacques.

Ungespieltes fabrikneues Exemplar.

Töbi Tobler, Ficht Tanner, Walter Keller-Walter Love is a hard work Liverpool MR 438 LP CH 83 NM

Ingenious progressive folk blues jazz with Töbi Tobler (dulcimer), Ficht Tanner (double bass) of "Appenzeller Space Schöttl" fame plus Walter Keller-Walter (piano, vocals); + insert (lyrics)

Tremble Kids 25 Jahre Tremble Kids Ex Libris EL 12315 LP CH NM neu und ungespielt 20
Tremble Kids Cocktail-Party mit den Tremble Kids Ex Libris SG 6523 LP CH 67 EX/NM Royal Garden Blues, Keeping out of Mischief, Confession, New Orleans, Moten Swing, Till, Atlanta Blues, etc.  20
Tremble Kids The Great Jazz Tunes of George Gershwin played by the Tremble Kids Privatpressung TKP 801 LP CH 80 NM feat. Raymond Droz, Charly Antolini.

Cover graphics: Düde Dürst

Cover mit 6 Autogrammen (inkjl. Ramyond Droz, Oscar Klein).

Cover autographed by 6 band members.

45 de
Unterhaltungs-Orchester Beromünster (UOB) 25 Jahre Unterhaltungs-Orchester Beromünster Ex Libris EL 12136 LP CH NM Cedric Dumont, Hans Moeckel 20


Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
 VA (Diverse) Golden Memories Elite Special PLPE 3003 LP CH NM Eddie Brunner ("Swinging with Benny Carter") , Hazy Osterwald ("Una casa portuguesa" / "Ca chaca" / "Polka Rag"), Teddy Stauffer (Dans mon coeur"  "Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy") , New Orleans Wild Cats ("Roll Along, Prarie Moon" / "Down by the Riverside" (+ non-Swiss artists Freddy Brocksiper, Kurt Edelhagen, ERnst Höllerhagen, Heinz Kretschmar) 20
V.A. (Diverse) Golden Memories (2)  Elite Special PLPE 30030 LP CH NM feat. Hazy Osterwald , Eddie Brunner, Austrian All-Stars, Teddy Stauffer, Freddy Brocksieper, Fküther Fuhlisch, Kurt Edelhagen, Fred Bunge, Hans Koller, u.a. 20
V.A. (Diverse) It's up to you Preiser Records SPR 3268 2 LP A 74 NM Friedrich Gulda, Paul Fuchs, Limpe Fuchs, Gerhard Hermmann, Ursula Anders, Mounir Baqschir, Leszek Zadlo, Albert Mangelsdorff, Barre Phillips.

Live, Wien / Salzburg 1974

VA (Diverse) 1935-1965; 30 Jahre Jazz Made in Switzerland EMI-Columbia 13C152-33894/5 2LP CH 76 NM/EX Magnolians, Teddy. Stauffer, Eddie Brunner, Fred Böhler, Hazy Osterwald, The Berrys, Ernst Berner, Lanigiros, René Weiss, Rio de Gregori, Darktown Strutter, Max Strittmatter, Francis Burger, Decric Dumont (feat. Bruno Spoerri), Metronome Quintet (fet. Bruno Spoerri), Remo Rau Quartet (live at the Africana Zürich 1961), New Hot Players, Geneva Dixie Band, Pierre Oguey Boptette, Paul thommen, Falvio Ambrosetti, etc. *de
V.A. (Diverse) Jazz and Hot Dance in Switzerland 1921-1952, Vol. 2 Harlequin HQ 2011 LP UK 84 NM Gil Battle, Frank Guarante, Lanigiro Melody Kings, Dittke and his boys, New Hot Players, Teddies, Eddie Brunner, Berrys, Fred Böhler, Philippe Brun,  Jerry Thomas, Mac Strittmatter, etc 20
V.A. (Diverse) 11. Jazz Festival Zurich 1961 Ex Libris GC 720 10" (25-cm LP) CH 61 NM/EX feat. New Orleans Wild Cats, Pierre-Jomini-Quartett, Hot Peppers, Paul-Thommen-Octett, Harlem Ramblers, André-Hager-Quintett *
V..A. (Diverse) 12.Jazz Festival Zurich 1962 Ex Libris GC 324 LP CH 62 EX+/NM feat. Paul Thommen Orchestra, Nes Harlem Ramblers, Irene Schweizer Trio, Perdido Creole Stompers, Jazz à 4, Old School Band, Hans Kennel Quartett, Robert eber, The Nameless (recorded live Sept. 10-15, 1962) 35e
VA (Diverse) 13. Jazz Festival Zurich 1963 Ex Libris GC 340 LP CH 63 NM feat. Jazz à 4, Old School Band, Trio Jean Bionda, The Nameless, Orchestre Paul Thommen, Harlem Ramblers, Lea Bischof, Denis Haas Quintett, Orchestre Henri Chaix, Quartet Olivier Berney, New Orleans Hot Caddies (Recorded live Sept. 9-14, 1963) 35
VA (Diverse) 14. Jazz Festival Zurich 1964 Ex Libris GC 365 LP CH 64 NM  Old School Band, The Free Sounds, Old String's Fellows, Irene Schweizer Trio, Harlem Ramblers, Klaus Koenig Trio, Hot Potatoes, Erwin Müller Trio, Royal College Band, Hein Bigler Quartet *
V.A. Internationales Jazz Festival Kursaal Bern ex libris EL 12223 LP CH 78 NM Recorded Live at the 1st International Jazz Festival Berne 1976 (May 5-9), feat. Peanuts Hucko, Ralph Sutton, Isla Eckinger, Cliff meeman, American Dixieland All Stars, Sammy Price, Rolf Rebmann. Gatefold Cover. Extensive liner notes in English. 35
V.A. Internationales Jazz Festival Bern ex libris EL 12366 LP CH 79 NM Recorded Live at the International Jazz Festival Berne 1978, April 26. Feat. Jay McShann, Leonard Gaskin, Olvier Jackson, Carrie Smith, Sammy Price, Piano Red , Johnny Shines 25
VA (Diverse) Jazz Festival (17. International Amateur Jazz Festival Zürich 1967)  Ex Libris GC 400 LP CH 67 NM   *
VA (Diverse) Jazz Festival (19. International Amateur Jazz Festival in Zürich) HECO 33005 LP CH (unknown year) NM feat Harald Eckstein-Sextett (Bremen): "That Double Thing"; Roby Weber-Qusartet (Zurich): "Do Do Do"; The Gamblers (Zurich): "Mezzrow"; Revival Jazz Band, (Bratislava): "Let it shine"; The Harlem Sound (Sissach): "Harlem Bound"; Old School Band (Geneva): "Give me your telephone number"; Jack van Poll Tree-Oh: "Mon Homme"; Modern Jazz-Quintet (Karlsruhe): "The Devil is Green, Blue and Yellow"

Als die Auflagen sanken und für ExLibris nicht mehr interessant waren, übernahm das kleine HECO-Label die Jazz Festival Serie.

VA (Diverse) (George Gruntz, Hans Kennel, etc.) Swiss All Stars Ex Libris GC 380 Mono 2 LP CH 64 EX/NM  

Line-up: George Gruntz, Hans Kennel, Franco Ambrosetti, Bruno Spoerri, Raymond Droz, Pierre Cavalli,a.o.

Recorded Sept. 17, 1964 at Berne radio studio.

VA (Diverse) Swiss Jazz (1946-1974) Das Beste LP 125 LP CH NM Teddy Srauffer (Chattanoga choo choo), New Hot Playwers (I've found a new baby), Fred Böhler (Black clan call), Teddy Stauffer (Goddy goody), Buddy Bertinat Trio (I ain't got nobody, F. Ambrosetti Sextett (Smiles), Hazy Osterwald (Indiana), Eddie Brunner (Cement mixer), New Orleans Wild Cats (Down by the riverside), Henri Chaix (Dooji wooji), Swiss Dixie Stompers (Ja da), Tremble Kids (ja da), Raymond Droz (Big butter and egg man), Wolverine Jazz Band (Plainville frriends), Harlem Rambles (Dans les rues d'Antibes), K+K Dixielanders (Bugle Call Rag) 20
Vindonissa Jazz Orchestra Soul Lady Activ VJO 201 LP CH EX   *
Westphal, Gert + Metronome Quintett Jazz und Larik "Ringeljazz" Jecklin-Disco 576 LP CH 82 NM Lyrik von Benn, Prévert + Ringelnatz 25
Widespectrum Jazz Combo Swing at the Pool Ex Libris EL 12306 LP CH 77 NM Pierre Merz, Osckar Schafheitle, Teddy Tissot jr.,Ueli Schwiezer, Hans Schläpfer, Rolf Sydler jr. 20
SWISS, GERMAN + AUSTRIAN JAZZ - 45rpmVinyl Singles + EPs >LPs
Liebermann, Rolf + George Gruntz Symphonie "Les Echanges", Komposition für 156 Maschinen (Machine Version + Jazz Version)

PLEASE NOTE: The CD release does NOT contain the original jazz version available on this vinyl record - the CD instead uses a newly recorded version by George Gruntz!

Bitte um Beachtung: Die vor einiger Zeit erschienene CD mit diesem Titel enthält NICHT die originale Jazz-Version, die auf diesem Vinyl-Tonträger erhältlich ist. Auf der CD erscheint nur eine Neuaufnahme von George Gruntz

Turicaphon EX 17-102 EP CH 64 NM/EX Machine version played by 156 office machines. Jazz version with George Gruntz, Daniel Humair, Pierre Favre. This modern symphony played by 156 machines at the 1963 Swiss National Expo remains one of the 1960s most progressive pieces of music, pointing the way to rock, funk, disco and techno. Very rare.

Fold-out cover with liner notes in German, French, Italian and Romanic


Drums: Daniel Humair

Piano: George Gruntz

Gatefold cover

Top condition

Metronome Quintet The Metronome Quintet at the EXPO 70 Columbia 3E 012 - 33554 EP  CH 70 EX/NM EXPO-Blues / Hadaka no shima /  Japan Susite / Kuroda Bushi - Kusatzsu Yumoni Uta - Hohai Bushi - Kaigara Bushi - Yamagata Obako.


Ueli Staub, Bruno Spoerri, Martin Hugelshofer, Felix Rogner, Rolf Bänninger

Note: This selection has been recorded by the Metronome Quintet after returning fromJapan. It contains compositions which were part of the program performed in the EXPO Hall in Osaka on April 24, 1970.

 Lieferbarkeit anfragen de
Osterwald, Hazy Hazy Osterwald has his own page / hat eine eigene Seite >>>> HAZY OSTERWALD
Passport Loco-Motive / Ataraxa Atlantic 11123 Si D 78 AAA + weisse Papierhülle 15
Spoerri, Bruno Konzert für SIG-Pressluftwerkzeuge ("Concert for SIG compressed air tools") WA 1317 EP CH 71 VG+ one-sided promotion EP; Uraufführung an der 6. Baumaschinenmesse, Basel 1971 *


Hohler, Franz I glaub jetz hock I ab CBS Club Edition S 65794 LP NL/CH 73 VG+/NM Franz Hohler sings songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Woody Guthrie, etc, etc in Swiss German dialect. Track A3 (Frank Zappa's "Mr. Green Genes" and Track A4 (Tucker Zimmermann's "She's an Easy Rider" feature BRUNO SPOERRI on SYNTHESIZER) 20
Hohler, Franz I glaub jetz hock I ab CBS Club Edition S 65794 LP NL/CH 73 AAA Franz Hohler sings songs by The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Woody Guthrie, etc, etc in Swiss German dialect. Track A3 (Frank Zappa's "Mr. Green Genes" and Track A4 (Tucker Zimmermann's "She's an Easy Rider" feature BRUNO SPOERRI on SYNTHESIZER). + rare lyrics sheet with all lyrics in original (not in Swiss German dialect) 30
Hepp, Hardy / Bruno Spoerri Summer / Let's play it all over again Image 7602 Si CH 76 EX/NM


McKingston, Martin Radio Station on the Mountain Radio 24 34-001 Si CH 81 EX Bruno Spoerri (Synthesizer) 15
Bruno Spoerri Teddy Bär (Teddy Baer)  Milan A CH 006 LP CH 83 NM Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Original  Filmmusik. Ein Film von und mit Rolf Lyssy. Music composed amd conducted by BRUNO SPOERRI *co
Bode Band (Im Bode Bänd) Under der Brugg CH Record CHL 4318 LP CH NM feat. Bruno Spoerri (ts, sopranino, lyricon). Topzustand wie neu. 25
Lässer, Max Songs Image 760 007 LP CH 76 NM Feat. Walti Anselmo, Hardy Hepp, Walther Lietha: and Bruno Spoerrri (sopranino) on track "s Füür" ("knitting girl"). 25
Lietha, Walther / Imbode Band  Delphin / Polka Rosina CH-Record CHS 3333 Si CH AAA feat. Bruno Spoerri *
Lietha, Walter Liebi Schwizer guat Nacht CH-Records CHL 4325 LP CH 80 NM/EX feat. Bruno Spoerri, (as), FOC 25
Meffert, Karin Zaaweehäx und Zuckermaa ex libris EL 12203 LP CH 74 EX/NM A modern fable, feat. Bruno Spoerii (composer, arranger, synthesizer) 25
Rady, Gustav / Karen Meffert Die Musikmaschine ex libris EL 12204 LP CH 73 NM ("The Music Machine". A musical TV play by Gustav Rady). Ein musikalisches Hörspiel nach dem Fernsehfilm von Gustav Rady. Musik. Bruno Spoerri und "Kaktus", Regie: Gustav Rady, Schweizerdeutsche Bearbeitung: Karen  Meffert. Personen: Valerie Steinmann, Werner von Aesch u.a. 25
Stanek, Bruno Bitte Mars einfach, 1. Klasse Pick 93.099 LP CH 72 NM Signiert von Stanek;

Music + electronic effects: Bruno Spörri

Treichler, Hans Peter Vom Fuchs und vom Adler Gold LP 11056 LP CH 78 EX feat. Bruno Spoerri (sax) 20
Treichler, Hans Peter Ich glaub sie hät Rente gheisse Music Club 11009 LP CH EX Bruno Spoerri Clavinet, ARP + Freeman Strings + Recording and Production 15
An (*) asterisk in the space for the price means: this item is currently not available.

Ein (*) Sternchen im Preis-Feld bedeutet: dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht erhältlich.

Un (*) au lieu d'un prix veut dire que cet article n'est pas disponible à ce moment.

Un (*) asterisco significa: questo articolo non è attualmente disponibile.

(SFR = Swiss Franc)




Bruno Spoerri's concert for compressed-air tools 1971 - Jazz from Switzerland
Bruno Spoerri und sein legendärer Synthesizer Synthi 100 - Bruno Spoerri working at his legendary SYNTHI 100 synthesizer.
LEFT: Bruno Spoerri in 1974 with his
legendary SYNTHI 100 (illustration
appears on the coverback of the
Bruno Spoerri vinyl album "Iischtige -
Switched-on Switzerland)
Metronome Quintet at the
EXPO '70 in Odsaka

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Albert Nicholas and his Swiss Friends Original PAN records 10 inch LP
George Gruntz, The Band, Alpine Power Plant vinyl record album . Vinyl Schallplatte LP. Disque 33 tours disco 33 giri
George Gruntz - the Band -
Alpine Power Plant

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