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1962 - 2002 Part 2: CAP-GRA


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ROCK VINYL LPs - 1962-2002

Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
 Captain Beeherart and his Magic Band Safe as Milk Buddah BDS 5063 LP US NM   20
Captain Beeheart and his Magic Band Trout Mask Replica Reprise K64026 2 LP UK 70 NM Topzustand wie neu! 25
All our NM and EX record albums have clean labels WITHOUT writings, stains, stickers, tape, tear-offs, without worn-out center hole - unless stated otherwise!   Die Labels all unserer LPs im Zustand Near Mint bis Excellent sind selbstverständlich sauber, OHNE Beschriftungen, Flecken, Aufkleber, Tesa, Abrissstellen, ohne abgenutztes Mittelloch - Ausnahmen wären speziell vermerkt!
 Casey Jones + the Governors Don't Ha Ha Golden 12 G 12/LP 106 LP D 66 EX/NM In superb near mint condition!    *abe
CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) Bayou Country Fantasy 61115 LP D NM   20
CCR Chronicle - the 20 Greatest Hits Festival 235 2 LP FRA EX+   25
CCR Chronicle - the 20 Greatest Hits Fantasy CCR.2 2 LP USA NM US-Pressung! Topzustand! 35
 CCR Chronicle - Volume 2 Fantasy CCR 3 2 LP  D NM Der rare 2. Teil dieses legendären Albums - und erst noch wie neu!  35
CCR Cosmo's Factory Fantasy 68.506 LP FRA EX/NM  FOC 20
CCR Creedence Clearwater  Fantasy 6113 LP D re NM feat. "Suzie Q."   20
CCR Creedence Gold Bellaphon Fantasy 19122 LP D EX/NM Erstpressung (car cover) 20
CCR Creedence Gold Metronome 0061.145 LP D EX/NM (car cover) 15
CCR Creedence Gold Fantasy 6029 LP FRA EX/NM Gatefold cover / Klapp-Cover 20
CCR Green River Bellaphon Fantasy BLPS 19003 LP D EX+/NM   25
CCR Green River Fantasy America Fonit Cetra PL 431 LP ITA NM   20
CCR Live in Europe Bellaphon Fantasy BLST 6560 2LP D 73 EX   *
CCR More Creedence Gold Fantasy FT 512 LP UK EX   12
CCR Pendulum Fantasy 61148 LP D  (71) NM   15
CCR Pendulum Liberty LBG 83400 LP UK 71 NM FOC 30
CCR Willy and the Poor Boys Fantasy 8397 LP US EX/NM   *
Centipede Septober Energy RCA CPL2 5042 2 LP US 72 NM/EX++ Psych free jazz. co. small sticker abrasion on cover. Top condition! 20
Chicken Shack 40 Blue Fingers Freshly Packed + Ready To Serve Blue Horizon 7-63203 LP UK 68 EX Original 1968. Plays EX+ with only slight noise between songs and an odd almost inaudible pop. Very slight background audible only on a few low-key passages. Vinyl looks EX with only moderate wear. Label front and back has a small writing on it. Clean cover without any tears, writings, stains, etc., easily rated EX++. auf Anfrage / please inquire


Chicago Chicago 15 WEA 99 235 LP D 82 EX++/NM  +OIS 15
Christie For all Mankind  CBS 64397 LP UK 71 EX Orig. FOC 1971 20
Circus Circus Transatlantic TRA 207 LP UK 69  EX/VG/ NM Original 1969. Rare UK prog psych

Side 1 = EX, side 2 = VG

Clapton, Eric > ERIC CLAPTON (special page / eigene Seite) 
Clash >"PUNK ROCK"  
Climax Chicago Blues Band Climax Chicago Blues Band SIRE SRK 6003 LP US re EX co 20
> RockLP-6 COL-EA
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Colosseum Colosseum Live  Bronze 85531 2 LP D EX++/EX+ Topzustand. Coverränder schwache Gebrauchsspuren 35
Colosseum Valentyne Suite Bronze 28766 LP D NM   *
Colosseum Valentyne Suite Vertigo 847 900 VTY LP D 69 EX+/NM Original Erstpressung 1969 mit Swirl Vertigo Label + Klappcover - alles im wunderbaren Topzustand!

Colosseums zweiter Longplayer und ein Meilenstein des englischen Progressivrock! Ausserdem die erste LP auf dem Vertigo Label.

Colosseum Valentyne Suite Vertigo VO 1 847 900 VTY LP D 69 EX++ Original Erstpressung England 1969 mit Swirl Vertigo Label + Klappcover - alles im wunderbaren Topzustand! + orig. Swirl Vertigo Inner Sleeve! The first Vertigo LP! "Philips Record Product" on label!

Colosseums zweiter Longplayer und ein Meilenstein des englischen Progressivrock! Ausserdem die erste LP auf dem Vertigo Label.

Cramps Look Mom, no Head! IRS 951.934 LP D 91 EX+   20
Creach, Papa John Filthy Grunt FTR-1009 LP US/D 72 EX+/NM Originalpressung 20
Cream Best of Cream RSO 2479.169 LP D (69) NM   20
 Cream Best of Cream Polydor 583.060 LP UK 69 NM/EX laminated cover,  original inner sleeve *
 Cream Best of Cream ATCO SD 33-231 LP US 69 EX/NM dickes schweres US-Cover + Original  Inner Sleeve mit 96(!) farbigen Abbildungen von ATCO LP-Covers aus der Zeit! Nur etwas schwaches Knistern auf 2 Tracks hörbar. 30
Cream Disraeli Gears RSO 2479.185 LP D (67) EX-/EX++ Der 2. Longplayer der Supergruppe erschien im November 1967 20
Cream Disraeli Gears Polydor 184 105 LP D 67 EX(+)/NM Original first press 1967. Laminated cover. Name rubber stamped on labels *
Cream Disraeli Gears Reaction 594 003 LP UK (67) NM Topzustand wie neu! UK Pressung auf dem Reaction-Label! *fo
Cream Fresh Cream ATCO SD 33-206 LP US 66 EX++/NM Original US-Erstpressung 1966 im Traumzustand! rot-braun-weisses Label.

I feel free / NSU / Sleepy Time / Dreaming / Sweet Wine / Cat's Squirrel / Four until late / Rollin' and tumblin' / I'm so glad / Toad

Der Top Hit "I feel free" ist NUR auf den ersten US-Pressungen zu hören!

Cream Fresh Cream RSO Polydor RS-1-3009 LP US (66) NM Diese spätere US-Pressung hat statt "I feel free" den Track "Spoonful" 30
 Cream Fresh Cream Polydor 623 031 LP D 66  EX/NM Diese deutsche Original pressung hat 2 Songs mehr als die englische Pressung: "Coffee Song" und "Wrapping Paper"!  *fo
Cream Goodbye Cream RSO 2479.202 LP D NM/EX   *
Cream Live Cream Poly<dor 2383 016 LP D EX+/EX- Cover hat kleinen Riss auf Rückseite (1 cm) 20
Cream Live Cream Vol. 2 Polydor 2383 119 LP D 72 NM Recorded 1968 *
Cream Once upon a time RSO 2658 139 2LP D EX-/NM "Once upon a time" ist das Reissue von "Pop History Vol. 1" 20
Cream Pop History, Vol. 1 Polydor 2675.014 2LP D EX-/NM   30
Cream Wheels of Fire Polydor 184 167 2LP D 68 NM/EX++ Original-Erstpressung 1968 (Polydor 184 167) im neuwertigen Traumzustand mit laminiertem Cover (cov. cat. no.. = 2658 110) *ho
Cream Wheels of Fire Polydor 583 032 (set no. 2612 001) 2 LP UK 68 EX+/NM Original UK 1968! *fe
Crosby, Stills, Nash + Young Déja Vu Atlantic 50001 LP D (68) NM Top-Neuzustand Cover und Vinyl 25
Crosby, Stills, Nash + Young Déja Vu Atlantic K50001 LP D (68)  NM Superb condition. Heavy leather-type cover with pasted-on photo and gold lettering.

Topzustand des Vinyls und das kostbare Original-Cover im genarbten Leder-Look mit aufgeklebter Foto der Band und  eingepresster Goldschrift ist wie neu.

Cuby + the Blizzards Attention Fontana 6428 104  LP D 74 EX++ Topzustand! 20
Deep Purple > "DEEP PURPLE"  special section / eigene Seite  
Dire Straits > "DIRE STRAITS" (special page / eigene Seite)  
 Dirty Blues Band Dirty Blues Band  EMI Stateside SSL 10234 LP UK 68 EX+/NM ultrarare heavy psych Westcoast acid blues. Tracks: Spoonful, Born under a bad sign, Chicken Shack, Worry worry baby, New Orleans Woman, etc.

Original 1st pressing 1968. Garrod + Lofthouse flipback cover.

Doldinger's Motherhood Doldinger's Motherhood Liberty LBS 83 426 LP D 70 VG+/EX Original Liberty Label Pressing 1970. Hard, progressive Jazzrock.

Krautrock vom Feinsten.

Doors >>> "THE DOORS"special section  
Dust Dust KamaSutra KSBS 2041 LP  US 71 NM Original US 1971 pink label 1st press in factory-fresh condition!

Wie neu ab Fabrik!

 Dust Hard Attack KamaSutra KSBS 2059 LP US 72 NM/EX++ Legendary New York stoner psych hard rock trio feat. Marc Bell (= Marky Ramone!). Blue "Garden of Eden" KamaSutra label. Vinyl + labels top near mint. Cover EX++. co 35
Eagles Eagles Live  Asylum AS 62032 2 LP D 80 EX/NM  + 2 OIS *
Eagles Hotel California Asylum AS 53051 LP D 76 NM + OIS + poster 25
Eagles Hotel California Asylum 27375-5 LP D 76 NM Special Edition + Poster *
Eagles Hotel California Asylum W 53051 LP ITA 76 EX +OIS + poster 20
Eagles Hotel California Asylum W 53051 LP US 76 NM + OIS 25
Eagles Hotel California Asylum GE 103 LP CAN 76 NM + OIS 25
Eagles The Long Run  Asylum 5E-508 LP US 79 EX/NM Original USA 1979 + gatefold + original inner sleeve *
Earl Slick Band Razor Sharp Capitol ST-11570 LP US 76 EX Gimmix Cover 20
Earth Quake Rocking the world Berserkley BZ-0045 LP US 75 EX   25
East of Eden Mercator Projected Deram SML 1038 LP D 69 VG+/NM Rare Prog-Folk. Original 1969, Royal Sound Stereo  30


RockLP-7 EC-FU
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Eclection Eclection  Elektra EKS 74023 LP D 68 EX+  Original 1st press 1968 (Elektra gold label) rare German pressing!

Acid psych folk

Edgar Broughton Band Edgar Broughton Band Harvest SHVL 791 LP UK 71 EX original UK 1971 w. textured gatefold cover, with leathery look, 1st issue, no EMI , A-4 / B-4 stampers  

auf Anfrage / please inquire



Edgar Broughton Band In side out Harvest SHTC 252 LP UK 72 EX++/NM Original UK 1st press1972, original gimmix cover + original lyrics insert + rare original inner sleeve with 26 prog rock LP covers. 2U stampers.

Everything in top condition!

please inquire / auf Anfrage



 Edgar Winter's White Trash White Trash  Epic 67244 LP UK EX++ gatefold cover. Live in New York + Los Angeles. feat. Johnny Winter 25
Eire Apparent Sun Rise Buddah 203 021 LP UK 69 EX+/NM Irische Psychedelic Band produziert von Jimi Hendrix. Mit Eric Stewart (10CC). Hendrix + Noel Redding spielen ebenfalls auf der LP mit. Original UK 69 Pressung im Topzustand!

Original UK 1969 in top condition. feat. Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) > ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA (special page / eigene Seite)  
Electric Prunes Mass in F minor Reprise 6275 LP D EX+ LC code 20
Electric Prunes  Underground Reprise 6262 LP US 67 VG+/NM Rarer Psych-Hammer der obersten Liga. Original US Pressung von 1967 mit Original Tri-Color-Label. Stereo. Sensationell schönes Cover EX++, Label  absolut sauber, Vinyl VG(+), da bei ruhigen Passagen mässig Knistern durchdringt. Wenige Knackser. Original Reprise inner sleeve im Topzustand. 15
ELP (Emerson, Lake + Palmer) > EMERSON, LAKE + PALMER (special page / eigene Seite)


Farlowe, Chris (Solo) >Singers Songwriters LPs 
Ferry, Bryan >Singers Songwriters LPs 
Fleetwood Mac >FLEETWOOD MAC (special page / eigene Seite) 
Flock Dinsosaur Swamps CBS 64055 LP UK 70 EX Beautiful condition Original UK 1970 w. gatefold cover + original "Inner Sleeve, Issue 1" inner sleeve 30
Floh de Cologne Fliessbandbabys Beat Show Ohr OMM 56000 LP D 69 EX Die stärkste Produktion der Kölner Polit-Rocker und die erste LP auf dem legendären Ohr-Label. Vinyl VG+ 20
 Frame Frame of Mind Bellaphon Bacilus BLPS 19107 LP D 72 EX+/EX++ Orignial 1972 1st press German Psych Prog monster *ge
Free Live Island ILPS 9160 / 85535 LP UK NM LC code 25


Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Gallagher, Rory Against the Grain Chrysalis 6307 563 LP D EX  Original FOC 15
Gallagher, Rory Blueprint Polydor 2383.189 LP D 73 NM   25
Gallagher, Rory Calling Card Chrysalis 6307 586 LP D 76 NM Erstpressung 1976 (green label) im Topzustand 20
Gallagher, Rory Irish Tour '74 Chrysalis 300.695 2LP D 74 NM   *
Gallagher, Rory Irish Tour '74 D-Fiend 120 2LP UK (74) NM/EX+ EAN code *
Gallagher, Rory Irish Tour '74 Polydor 2478 071 2LP UK 74 NM/EX Original first pressing England 1974. + 2 OIS (white lined "Plastic Bags can be dangerous" sleeves) *
Gallagher, Rory Live in Europe Polydor Super 2383 112 LP UK 72 EX/EX++ Original UK Erstpressung 1972 mit Klappcover 25
Gallagher, Rory Live in Europe Chrysalis 202 647 LP D (72) NM Topzustand wie neu; LC code 25
Gallagher, Rory Live in Europe Chrysalis 6307 677 LP D (72) NM Platte im Topzustand wie neu; LC code 25
 Gallagher, Rory Live in Europe Polydor 2383 112 LP D 72      
Gallagher, Rory Photo-Finish Chrysalis CHR 1170 LP US 78 NM + OIS, co *
Gallagher, Rory Photo-Finish Chrysalis 6307 620 LP D 78 KEX+/NM Gatefold cover / Klappcover *
Gallagher, Rory Pop History, Vol. 30 Polydor 2679 006 2 LP D NM/EX   30
Gallagher, Rory Rory Gallagher Intercord INT 130.117 LP D (71) EX/EX- EAN code *
Gallagher, Rory The Best Years Polydor Super 2383 414 LP UK EX   *
Gallagher, Rory Top Priority Chrysalis 6307.669 LP D EX OIS 15
Gallagher, Rory > siehe auch / see also "TASTE"  
Genesis >GENESIS (special page / eigene Seite)  
Gentle Giant Acquiring the Taste Vertigo 6360 041 LP UK 71 EX/NM  FOC (lyrics) *
Gentle Giant Gentle Giant Vertigo 6360 020 LP UK 70 NM/EX RARE original first issue UK 1970 with gatefold cover, large swirl vertigo label and original swirl inner sleeve! *


Gift Blue Apple Nova SDL 8002 Nova SDL 8002 LP D 74 NM/EX Heavy German progressive psychedelic rock. Original 1974 pressing.  White label promo in mint condition (vinyl). mint (label) and excellent (cover). Cover has retained its virgin whiteness, and the only minus point is that the spine at top center has been damaged somewwhat (no spine break) by fingernail use. Matrix (stamped): 093165


Golden Earring Moontan Polydor 2485.136 LP NL re NM   *
Glover, Roger ROGER GLOVER ----------> DEEP PURPLE  
Grand Funk All the Girls in the World Beware  CapitolSO 11356 LP US 74  EX + OIS + Klappcover 15
Grand Funk Railroad Caught in the Act Capitol 1C188 - 81 985 2 LP D 75 NM/EX Original 1975 in top condition *
Grand Funk Railroad Caught in the Act Capitol  SABB 11455 2 LP US 75 EX++/EX+ Original US Pressung 1975 mit  Gimmix Cover (erhabener Druck) / (embossed gatefold cover) *de
Grand Funk Railroad Closer to home Capitol SKAO 471 LP US EX+/VG+ Original FOC (seam split top and bottom) 15
Grand Funk Railroad E Pluribus Funk Capitol SW 853 LP US 72 EX original round silver gimmix cover *
Grand Funk Railroad Grand Funk  Capitol SN 18177 LP US NM/VG+ bar code, co *
Grand Funk Railroad Live Album Capitol 1C 188- 80 684/5 2LP  D 71 NM   25
Grand Funk Railroad Mark, Don + Mel 1969-71 Capitol  1C188 81122 2LP D 72 NM/EX   20
Grand Funk Railroad Phoenix Capitol 1C062 - 81269 LP D 72 EX/NM Original FOC 20
 Grand Funk Railroad Shinin' On SWAE 11278 LP US 74 EX/NM Original gimmix cover with 3D-viewer still intact (not removed from cover!) (3D-Brille intakt), + OIS (3-D insert with (1974 US tour dates) *
Grand Funk Railroad Survival Capitol 038 794202 1 LP DA NM incl. Gimme Shelter; EAN code 25
Grand Funk Railroad We're an American Band Capitol SP-1 1207 LP D 73 EX+ Original FOC, *
More Rock LPs >>> ROCK-LP 3 
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Rock Raritäten auf Vinyl - rare rock records on vinyl
Gandalf Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.  Find this in our progressive rock vinyl shop
Focus Moving Waves Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.
The Flock Dinosaur Swamps Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.
Emerson Lake and Palmer Brain Salad Surgery original H.R. Giger gimmix cover plus poster Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.
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Eloy Ocean Krautrock Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.  Eloy Schallplatten. Krautrock. German Rock. Deutschrock. eloy vinyl records. Psychedelic cosmic sound. Kifffer-Musik. Disques 33 tours Eloy. Dischi 33 giri Eloy. Eloy skivor,.
Grame Edge Band Paradise Ballroom Adrian Gurvitz Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.
Grateful Dead Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.  Grateful Ded Schallplatten. Greateful Daed vinyl records. LPs 45 rpm Singles. Disques 33 et 45 tours Grateful Dead. Dischi  33 45 giri Grateful Dead. Grateful Dead skivor. San Francisco flower power summer of love.
Golden Earring Eight Miles High LP Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.  Golden Earring Schallplatten. Golden Earring vinyl records LPs and 45 rpm singles. Disques 33 et 45 tours Golden Earring. Dischi 33 45 giri Golden Earring. Skivor Golden Earring. Rock Hard Rock from Holland Netherlands.
Gentle Giant original UK swirl vertigo first issue Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.  Gentle Giant Schallplatten. Gentle Giant vinyl records. Disques 33 et 45 tours Gentle Giant. Dischi 33 45 giri Gentle Giant. Gentle Giant skivor. Original gatefold cover. UK 1st press. Original swirl Vertigo label.


Free Fire and Water Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.  Free Schallplatten. Free vinyl records. Dischi 33 giri Free. Disques 33 tours Free. Free skivor,.
Frumpy Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.
Electric Light Orchestra LP
Electric Prunes Underground Original 1967 US Stereo LP Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.  Electric Prunes Schallplatten. Electric Prunes vinyl records. LPs. Schallplatten. Disques 33 tours Electric Prunes. Dischi 33 giri Electric Prunes. Electric Prunes skivor. psychedelic summer of love hippy music.
'Underground' (1967).

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Eloy begannen mit Heavy
Rock, wurden dann aber zu
einer der führenden
deutschen Progrock Bands

If - double album 'Classic British Rock Scene' on United Artists Germanys
Grand Funk Railroad. Grand Funk Liva Album vinyl LP. Schallplatte. Frand Funk Schallplatten. Grand Funk vinyl records. Disques 33 tours Grand Funk. Dischi 33 giri Grand Funk. Grand Funk skivor. Rock Hard Rock US rock.
Julie Driscoll vinyl LP 'This is Julie Driscoll' auf dem legendären Metronome 2001 Label. Originalausgabe im Topzsutand. Julie Driscoll vinyl record album. Julie Driscoll Schallplatten. Julie Driscoll vinyl records. Disques 33 et 45 tours Julie Driscoll. Dischi 33 45 giri Julie Driscoll. Julie Driscoll skivor. Brian Auger.
Eagles Live vinyl LP. viynl Schallplatte. Eagles Doppel-Live-Album. Eagles Schallplatten. Eagles vinyl records. Disques 33 et 45 tours Egles. Dischi 33 45 giri Eagles. Eagles Skivor. Rock Westcoast Country Rock. Hotel California Live.
Ginger Baker's Air Force vinyl LP. Ginger Baker's Air Force vinyl record album. Ginger Baker Schallplatten. Ginger Baker vinyl records. Disqeus 33 tours Ginger Baker. Dischi 33 giri Ginger Baker. Ginger Baker Air Force skivor. rock prog psych blues rock.
Genesis Live LP, Genesis LP  'In the beginning' UK 1974 boxed Decca logo pressing with serpent cover sleeve. Rock LP Blueprint Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock. We also stock other Genesis vinyl record albums, e.g. Wind an dwuthering, Trespass, The Lamb lies down on Broadway, Selling England by the Pound, Nursery Cryme, Genesis Live, Seconds Out, A trick of the Tail, From Genesis to Revelation,  Foxtrot Vinyl LP Schallplatten Rock .
Rory Gallagher Irish Tour 74  LP Vinyl  LP Schallplatte Live in Europe Rock LP Blueprint Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock. Rory Gallagher Schallplatten. Rory Gallagher vinyl records. Disques 33 et 45 tours Rory Gallagher. Dischi 33 45 giri rory Gallagher. Rory Gallagher Skivor. Taste and Rory Gallagher.
Frumpy Schallplatten. Progressiv Rock. Hard Rock LPs. Prog Psych Folk. Frumpy vinyl records. Dischi 33 giri Frumpy. Disques 33 tours Frumpy. Frumpy Skivor.
Colosseum Live Vinyl LP Schallplatte. Colosdseum Live vinyl record. Disque Colosseum Live. Colosseum Schallpalten. Prog rock. Colosseum vinyl records. Disqeus 33 tours Colosseum. Dischi 33 giri Colosseum. Colosseum Skivor. Prog psych hard rock.
Scruffy Duffy - Killer prog rock LP Vinyl Record Schallplatte
First German pressing.
Raw, heavy killer prog.

GENESIS -> eigene Seite /
special section:

Eric Clapton, dessen
war, spielte erstmals
1963 in einer Beatband
zusammen mit Brian
Jones, dem späteren
Rolling Stone. Es folgten
Gastspiele bei den
Yardbirds und John
Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

CCR Creedence Clearwater Schallplatten. Creedence Clearwater vinyl records. LPs 45rpm singles. Dischi 33 et 45 tours CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival. Dischi 33 45 giri CCR Creedence Clearwater Revivial. CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival skivor.. Orignal double album 'Chronicle' by CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival. Der legendäre Sampler 'Chroncile' auf Vinyl Schallplatte von CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Doldinger's Motherhood. Original Liberty Pressung von 1970. Krautrock Hammer. Vinyl Schallplatte LP
Gentle Giant Three Friends Original UK 1972 spiral vertigo label LP. Vertigo 6360 070
Eire Apparent vinyl LP 'Sun Rise'. Rare Irish psychedelic flower power rock with Jimi Hendrix. On buddah records label.
Elf vinyl LP featurin ronnie James Dio. Elf Schallplatten. Elf vinyl records. Ronnie James Dio disques 33 tours. Dischi 33 giri. Skvior ronnie James Dio Elf. Rock hard rock.
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. The legendary first album, a blues classic, on the Blue Horizon records label. UK 1st press.  Blues war nie mehr so schön wie bei Fleetwood Mac auf ihrem ersten und zweiten Album. Fletetwood Mac Schallplatten. Vinyl LPs, singles. Fleetwood Mac vinyl recorsds. Disques 33 ert 45 tours Fleetwood Mac. Dischi 33 45 giri Fleetwood Mac. Skivor Fleetwood Mac. Bluesrock 1968 Original.
Clark Hutchinson original vinyl lp AMH2 on UK Decca Nova from 1969 first pressing in superb top condition as new
nick cave and the bad seeds let love in vinyl record album lp disque 33 tours
Creedence Clearwater Revival vinyl LP 'Pendulum'. CCR
East of Eden Vinyl LP 'New Leaf'. Vinyl record album. Original UK pressing. East of Eden Vinyl Records. East of Eden Vinyl Schallplatten. Disqeus 33 tours East of Eden. Dischi 33 giri East of Eden. East of Eden Skivor.
Legendary first Chicken Shack Vinyl LP '40 Blue Fingers' on Blue Horizon label. Das klassische Blues-album '40 Blue Fingers' der legendären englischen bluesorientierten rockband Chicken Webb um den Frontmann und Gitarristen Stan Webb. '40 Blue Fingers' on the legendary Blue Orizon label is Chicken Shack's first album from 1968. Disques 33 et 45 tours Chickekn Shack. Dischi 33 45 giri Chicken Shack. Skivor Chicken Shack.
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