Moxy 'Ridin' high' Canadian Hard Rock. Yes we have it in stock and for sale. Vinyl Schallplatten LP Disque 33 tours Disco 33 giri Skivor Moxy Hard rock records
'Rainbow Rising' Vinyl LP. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow vinyl records. Rainbow Schallplatten in grosser Auwahl in unserem Schallplatten Shop. Disques 33 tours Rainbow. Dischi 33 giri Rainbow. Rainbow Skivor.

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RockLP-13 MA-MAT

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ROCK VINYL LPs - 1962-2002

Artist/Group Title Label/No. Form Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Madness -----> REGGAE /SKA
Mahogany Rush see also under / siehe auch unter ----------> Marino, Frank /+ Mahogany Rush)
Man Be good to yourself at least once a day United Artists UA-LA077-F LP US 72 EX+/EX++ Original Gimmix Cover mit aufklappbarer Landkarte + original inner sleeve 35
Man Be good to yourself at least once a day United Artists UA-LA077-F LP UK 72 NM Original UK 72 pressing with pop-up Wales family tree map +OIS. 60
Man Man Liberty LBG 83464 LP UK 71 EX+/EX++ Original UK 1st press 1971. Textured gatefold cover 35
 Man Revelation See for Miles SEE 274 LP UK (69) NM Wie neu ab Fabrik. EAN code. Das erste und beste Album dieser Band. Prog Psych 25
Man rhinos, winos + lunatics United Artists UAG 29631 LP UK NM Neuzustand! Original UK 1974. Laminat Klapp-Cover + OIS  35
Man Slow Motion UA LA 345 LP US 74 EX++/EX-  Original 1974 + OIS *
Man Slow Motion UA LA 345 LP US 74 NM  Original 1974 + OIS (cover still in shrink!) 25
Mandrake Memorial Medium RCA SF 8028 LP UK 68 EX/EX++ Original UK 1969 first pressing of this essential + rare GARAGE/PSYCH/ PROG LP with original laminated sleeve. 45
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Angel Station Bronze 200 367-320 LP D EX   *
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Chance Bronze 202 970 LP D 80 NM/EX+ + OIS (lyrics); kleiner Preiskleberabriss auf Cover 15
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Messin' Vertigo 6360.087 LP D  EX  FOC; "Ufo"-Vertigo; Gimmix-Cover *
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Nightingales + Bombers Bronze 28782 LP D 75 NM Neues ungespieltes Exemplar! *co
Manfred Mann's Earth Band The Roaring Silence Bronze 27870 LP D EX/NM   15
Manfred Mann's earth band Solar Fire Bronze 28778 LP D/CH 73  NM Original FOC. Rare German export pressing for Switzerland only! New condition! 25
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Watch Bronze 25762 LP NL NM   15
Matthews, Ian Tigers will survive Vertigo 6360.056 LP UK 72 EX Original swirl label + inner sleeve Vertigo, textured cover *fo


> RockLP-14 MAY-MOT
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Mayall, John + the Bluesbreakers A hard road London PS 502 LP US (67) NM  John Mayall, Peter Green, John McVie, Aynsley Dunbar

Topzustand! / top condition

Mayall, John (with Eric Clapton) Bluesbreakers Decca SKL 4808 LP UK re NM "Blues Breakers" ist zweifellos die beste englische Blues-LP, und das beste und kompromissloseste Album von John Mayalls Bluesbreakers Es ist auch das erste vollständige Album mit Eric Clapton. --- "Blues Breakers" undoubtedly is the best British blues album ever made! Its purity and simplicity are without compromises. 25
Mayall, John (with Eric Clapton) Bluesbreakers London PS 492 LP US NM ditto (London USA Pressung) (Sunrise Label)  30
Mayall, John Blues from Laurel Canyon Deram 820 539 LP NL re NM EAN code 20
Mayall, John Blues from Laurel Canyon Decca SKL 4972 LP UK 68 EX+/NM Original UK 1968 unboxed Decca label first pressing! Gatefold Cover is as good as new. Labels are perfectly clean. Vinyl is great EX+ condition. Thick quality vinyl. Robert Stace laminated cover. 1W/1W matrix! + blue OIS

Original 1968 Erstpressung im sehr guten Zustand

 Abbreviations: foc = fold-out cover / gatefold cover, OIS = original innser sleeve,  swoc = small writing on cover. swo(b)l = small writing on front and back label. Dozens more abbreviations are explained in details on this page: >ABBREVIATIONS

Please note: "UK 70" means this record is an original pressing from 1970. "UK (70)" (with 70 in parentheses) means that this is later pressing of a record first pressed in 1970. If no date is indicated, this does not mean the LP is NOT an original pressing. It simply means we have not yet looked up the album's year of first released. In case of doubt about an album, simply contact us by e-mail.

The fact that we describe some albums as "original first pressing", does not mean tht other LPs which do not carry this additional remark, are NOT first pressings. It is simply a reminder.

Medieval Steel Medieval Steel  SUR 41084 12"EP US 84 NM extremely rare and in condition AS NEW; feat Chuck Jones, Bill Jones, John Roth, Bobby Franklin, Jeff Boydstun. Tracks: Medieval Steel, Warlords, Battle Beyond the Stars, Echoes *ho
Metallica ... and Justice for All Phonogram 836.062 2 LP NL 88 NM OIS (lyrics) *
Metallica Kill 'em All Banzai BRC 1901 LP CAN 83 NM Ihr 1. Album. Ein Meilenstein des Heavy Metal. Hat alles andere weggepustet.Absolut bahnbrechend. Original Rare kanadische 1983er Pressung ohne den beschissenen Computerstreifen (no bar code).und mit dem raren Inner Sleeve mit Fotos + Texten. Alles im Super- Topzustand

Rare Canadian pressing with photo + lyric inner sleeve. All in superb NEAR MINT!

Metallica Master of Puppets ELEKTRA 96 04391  LP CAN 86 NM Original 1986. + OIS (photos + lyrics) 30
Metallica Master of Puppets Music for Nations 60 RR9717  LP UK 86 NM Original 1986. Keine Computerstreifen (no bar code) + OIS (photos + lyrics) + official Metallica mechandise leaflet. "Music for Nations" label. 30
Metallica Metallica Vertigo 510.027 2 LP NL 91 EX/NM OIS (lyrics) 60
 Metallica Ride the Lightning Roadrunner RR9848 LP NL 84 EX+/NM Original 1984. Keine Compouterstreifen (no bar code). + OIS (photos + lyrics) 35
Miller, Steve siehe unter / see under STEVE MILLER BAND
>>>>   More MFSL Master Recording LPs here: >AUDIOPHILE, MFSL    
Mothers of Invention  > siehe unter / see under ZAPPA, FRANK


RockLP-15 MOU-NY
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Mountain Flowers of Evil Island ILPS 9179 LP UK NM Original pink rim label. 1st press UK 1971. 1U/2U Matrix.

Top condition!

 Mountain Twin Peaks Columbia Windfall PG 32818 2 LP US 74  NM US original 1st press 1974 in gatefold cover. Top near mint condition! 45
Nazareth Close enough for rock 'n' roll Vertigo 6370 412 LP NL/D 76 EX+/NM   20
Nazareth Exercises Crest 14 LP UK 72 EX/NM Original UK 1972 with Crest Planets label. FOC + OIS *be
 Nazareth Expect no Mercy Vertigo 6370 424 LP D 77 NM Vertigo UFO label. Features "Gone dead train", "Shot me down", "Place in your heart", etc 15
Nazareth Hair of the Dog Vertigo 6370.405 LP D 76 NM Vertigo  UFO label 20
Nazareth Hair of the Dog Vertigo 6370.405 LP FRA 76 EX/NM ORIGINAL SWIRL VERTIGO LABEL *be
Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud Vertigo 6303 103 LP D NM/EX++ Vinyl wie neu ab Fabrik 25
Nazareth Malice in Wonderland  A+M  SP-4799 LP US 80 NM + OIS (lyrics); bar code, co 15
 Nazareth Nazareth Philips 6369.008 LP NL NM/EX+   20
Nazareth No mean city Vertigo 6370 428 LP D 78 EX+ Original 1978 pressing (UFO label) + inner sleeve with artwork by Rodney Matthews. Record store sticker on cover. 20
Nazareth No mean city A+M SP-4741 LP US 78 NM inner sleeve with artwork by Rodney Matthews. co. bar code 20
Nazareth No mean city Vertigo 6370.428 LP UK 78 NM Original UK pressing in PERFECT condition of vinyl, label, original full-color inner and cover!!! Fantastic inner sleeve with artwork by Rodney Matthews .+ rare "Nazareth Collection" full-color"TOPS 123" insert with 11 Nazareth LP covers and Rodney Matthews color painting of Warrior (backside of insert = promo articles order form) 35
 Nazareth Play'n' The Game Vertigo 6370 418 LP D 76 NM/EX   15
Nazareth Rampant Vertigo 6370.401 LP D 74 NM   20
Nazareth Razamanaz Philips 6303.085 LP D EX orig. foc 25
Nazareth Razamanaz NEMS NEL 6023 LP EIR 82 NM Rare IRISH pressing (sleeve printed in UK) 20
Nazareth Rock Angels Fontana 9299 738 LP D NM  Fantastic early tracks from 1972-73, e.g. Dear John, Called her name, Witchdoctor Woman, Morning dew, etc. 20
Nazareth 'Snaz Vertigo 6650 006 2 LP FRA 81 EX+/NM + 2 original photo inners *
Nazasreth Sound Elixir Vertigo 81239618 LP BRASIL 83 NM Rare Brasilianische Pressung. Wie neu ab Fabrik 25
Nazareth The Fool Circle A+M SP-4844 LP US 80 NM + OIS (lyrics); co, bar code 15
Necros Conquest for Death Toch an Go 4725 LP US EX/NM  + lyrics poster 20
Nugent, Ted Double Live Gonzo! Epic EPC 88282 2LP NL 76 NM Killer live LP by the madman from Detroit. Live in Dallas, Abilene, San Antonio, Seattle, etc. In superb perfect condition as new! *


RockLP-16 O-RAIN
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Pellers, Ronny Satin Sound Mabel MSM 30002  LP CH 70s EX/NM Funky, souly Ronny Pellers Satin Sound. the Holy Grail of Euro-Funk. Vinyl visual: new, acoustic: EX. Labels and sleeve top as new condition.

Tracks include: Tracy, Don't you hear me calling, From the North, Crystal blue persuasion, Delta Lady, Coming home, babe,etc.

 *  b
Pink Floyd > "PINK FLOYD"  special section / eigene Seite  
Presence Presence  WEA 46228 LP FRA 73 EX+ Rare French rock 35
Pretty Things Get the Picture Fontana  687 359 LP D VG- vinyl only. no cover. vinyl plays through decently but has sections with clearly audible noise (good) 10
Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow Edsel CD 236 CD UK EX   15
Procol Harum Procol Harum Cube 6.26287 LP D (67) NM EAN code *
Quatermass Quatermass Harvest SHSM 2002 / 1C062 91248 LP UK/D (70) EX+/NM UK record, German gatefold sleeve 25
Quatermass Quatermass Harvest SHVL 775 LP UK 70 NM Original UK 1970 first pressing (A1/B2 matrix). "The Gramophone Co." on label rim. No boxed EMI logo. Cover is superb NM, label is perfect NM. Vinyl has few hairlines and scuffs. Plays clean EX with very little noise.Fantastic prog rock album. Impossible to find as first pressing in this terrific condition. With original and correct poly-lined Harvest inner (with progrock album pics) *bbe
Quicksilver Happy Trails Capitol ST-120 LP US (69) NM San Francisco Acid Rock von 1968. Inkl. "Who do you love". Wie neu ab Fabrik! 20
Quintessence In blissful company Island ILPS 9110Q LP UK 69 EX+/NM UK pressing. Pink rim label. Gatefold cover. Blue polylined Island inner sleeve. Susperclean labels and vinyl! superb AS NEW cover with fabulous 12-page gimmix-hole booklet in perfect condition. 2U matrix.


Quintessence Quintessence RCA LSP 10374 LP D 72 VG+/EX+ Original 1972 *
Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore) Long live Rock 'n' Roll Polydor 2391.335 LP FRA/D 78 EX/NM Original FOC; + insert (lyrics), stol *
Rainbow On Stage Polydor Oyster 2675 142 (2929 041) 2LP D 77 EX/NM  +  2 OIS + original golden sticker on cover 25
Rainbow On Stage Oyster  OY-2-1801 2LP USA 77 EX/NM   25
Rainbow On Stage Oyster Polydor MWZ 8103/4 2LP JAP 77 NM   25
Rainbow Rising Polydor Oyster 2482.478 LP NL NM   *
Rainbow Rising Oyster 2391.224 LP A 76 NM/EX Rare Austria pressing on white Oyster label. Gatefold cover 30
Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow  Polydor 2929 096 LP D 75 EX


Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow  Oyster OYA 2001 LP D 75 EX gatefold sleeve *
More Rock LPs >>> ROCK-LP 5 
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Un (*) au lieu d'un prix veut dire que cet article n'est pas disponible à ce moment.

Un (*) asterisco significa: questo articolo non è attualmente disponibile.

(SFR = Swiss Franc) all prices are in Swiss francs



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TASTE in Hamburg 1968


1962 - 2002 (part 4: MA-RAI)

Osibisa Schallplatten in grosser Auwahl jetzt bei uns erhältlich. Osibisa Vinyl LPs. Die Musiker von Osibisa stammen aus Afrika und der Karibik. Ihr Afro-Rock Sound ist unverwechselbar. Osibisa vinyl records. LPs record albums. Disques 33 tours Osibisa en vente ici. Dischi 33 giri Osibisa. Osibisa Skivor.
Onmega Vinyl LP 'Hall of Floaters in the Sky'. Original pressing. Omega vinyl LPs. Omega vinyl records. Omega Schallplatten. Singles Schallplatten und LP Schallplatten von Omega im Schallplatten Shop Tom's Recordland. Disques 33 et 45 tours Omega. Dischi 33 giri Omega. Omega skivor.  OMEGA is Hungary's most famous rock band. Omega ist Ungarns bekannteste Rockgruppe.
Quintessence Vinyl LP 'In blissful company'. Original UK pressing. Originalpressung England. Quintessence Vinyl LPs. Quintessence Vinyl Records. Disques 33 tours Quintessence. Dischi 33 giri Quintessence. Quintessence Skivor.
Osibisa vinyl LP 'Woyaya'. Osibisa Vinyl Schallplatten. Osibisa vinyl records. Disques 33 tours Osibisaq. Dischi 33 giri Osibisa. Osibisa Skivor. Best Afro Rock. Afro Rock vom Allerfeinsten. Die Musiker stammen aus Ghana, Trinidad, usw.
Mike Oldfield Vinyl LP 'Tubular Bells'. Grosse Auswahl an Mike Oldfield Schallplatten. Vinyl LP Schallplatten und Single Schallplatten von Mike Oldfield. Mike Oldfield vinyl records. LPs and 45 rpm singles. Dischi 33 45 giri Mike Oldfield. Disques 33 45 tours Mike Oldfield en vente ici. Mike Oldfield skivor.
Nazareth vinyl LP 'No mean City' on sale here. Vinyl Schallplatte. Disque 33 tours Nazareth No mean City en vente ici.
MC 5 Vinyl LP High Time Original US pressing
Mamas and Papas If you can believe your eyes and ears Monday Monday California Dreaming Rock LP Vinyl Schallplatte. Rock vinyl record disc. Disque 33 tours rock. Disco 33 giri rock.
Von den US-Zensoren
"bereinigtes" Cover - The
U.S. censors covered up
the toilet

MAMAS + PAPAS - original
unzensiertes Cover mit
Toilette - original
uncensored cover with

Dann schnitten sie auch
noch die Badewanne und
die Beine weg. - Then
they also cut off the
bathtub and the legs...

Nektar Vinyl LP A Tab in the Ocean on Bellaphon Bacilus Records. Vinyl Schallplatte Nektar. Topzutand wie neu.
MC 5 Live Detroit 1968 69 vinyl record LP Revenge Record MIG 8
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