Van der Graff Generator Vinyl LP 'The leswt we can do is wave to each other. Van der Graaf Generator Schallplatten. Vinyl LP Schallplatten. Van der Graaf vinyl records. Disques 33 tours Van der Graaf Generator. Dischi 33 giri Van der Graaf Generator. Van der Graaf Generator skivor.
Wishbone Ash Vinyl LP 'Lvie Dates'. wishbone Ash Schallplatten. Grosse Auwahl an Wishbone Ash Vinyl LP Schallplatten. Wishbone Ash vinyl records. LPs. Disques 33 tours Wishbone Ash en vente ici. Dischi 33 giri Wishbone Ash. Wishbone Ash skivor.
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1962 - 2002 (part 7: VA-Z)

RockLP-25 VA-VU

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ROCK VINYL LPs - 1962-2002

Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
VA Beat International Fontana 681.566 LP A 66 VG+ Legendary sampler feat. THE SLAVES ("Slaves Time"+ "Panic") and other bands. Please note: the cover is in rare top condition *fo
Diverse Blackout Airport Zürich Black Out Records BAR 7301  LP CH 73 1/AAA Live at the Blackout Club Airport Zurich Switzerland, June/Julyi 1973.

Bands / Tracks:

Big Town Set (Resurrection Shuffle / Listen to the Music); Date of Birth (I feel free = cover version of the song by Eric Clapton's "Cream") / Merry go round), Skorpyons of Jamaica (Think about it = cover version of the song by James Brown), Voices of Eden (Song Man / Lily of the West), Rattle Snake (Without You / Out of there), Saints (Fidgety Feet / Lazy River). 

Skorpyons of Jamaica (feat. Felicia King, Albina Charles, Fitzroy Burroughs, Ken Taylor, Roy Meeks, Larry Wilson, John Forbes): "Think about it"

 Voices of Eden (feat. Rebecca Steinbaum, Olivia Steinbaum, Hanspeter Hausin, Marc Dumuid)

Big Town Set (feat. Knut Meyer, Robert Forster, Rainer Eggenberger, Walter Niederer, Hermann Spalinger, Jürg Burkhardt)

 Date of Birth (feat. Bea Hampl, Christine Jaccard, Eric Staub, Adrian Senn, Erich Suter, Charly Hofer, Heinz Hofer)

Saints (feat. Otto Andreae, Jürg Maurer, Kurt Aeschbacher, Romeo Borbach Leemann, Jack Huber)

Rattle Snake (feat. Stefan Dellsberger, Jürg Blaser, Hannes Schläfli, René Lüthi, Kurt Sommer, Beyt Wiedmer)

The inside of the gatefold sleeve shows photos from the Black-Out.

 All tracks were recorded at the Sinus Studio in Bern

Comment: Condition of vinyl is EX. Condition of gatefold sleeve is VG+ (the laminate has peeled off somewhat at the bottom edge and there are a few brown spot on the bottom edge also.


V.A. Easy Rider Europa E 443 LP D ca. 71 EX/NM Electric Food: Born to be wild / I'll try / Up around the Bend / Ravern / House of the Rising Sun; Black Kids: Lay down; Ten O'clock Bubble Gum Train: Hey little girl/Mockingbired; John Deen and the Trakk: Your whole life through ; The Automatic Blues Inc.: Lana/Get it; The Petards: My little heart 20
 V.A. The first great rock festivals of the seventies: ISLE OF WIGHT + ATLANTA CBS SD 66311 3 LP NL EX++/NM Erstpressung! Topzustand! + 3 OIS ("Heavy on CBS") mit je ca. 50 LP Covers!


V.A. Wave News MUTE INT 145.0957 LP D EX Rare sampler in purple vinyl, feat. Depeche Mode, Dead Kennedys, Damned, Exploited, Fad Gadget, Au Pairs, U.K. Subs, etc 20
V.A. Woodstock Atlantic ATL 60001 3 LP D EX+/NM EAN code 30
V.A. Woodstock TWEN Atlantic ATLS 60001 3 LP D EX+/NM Deutsche Sonderpressung für TWEN Magazin. Ist identisch mit der regulären Woodstock LP, hat einfach noch das "twen presents" Logo auf dem Cover 35
 V.A. Woodstock 2 Atrlantic K 60002 2LP US/UK EX/NM   30
V.A. Woodstock 2 Atlantic K 60002 2LP US 71 EX/NM   30
 V.A. Woodstock 2  Atlantic ATL 60002 2 LP D re NM   25
Velvet Underground 1969 Live Mercury 6643 017 2 LP D 74 NM Velvet Underground Live in Texas and San Francisco 1969 (incl. 4 previously unreleased songs).   25
Velvet Underground Loaded Atlantic K40113 LP D NM   *
Velvet Underground Loaded Cotillion SD 9034 LP USA EX+/NM   30
Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground + Nico  Verve 422.823 LP US re EX/NM OIS *
Velvet Underground VU (A Collection of Previously Unreleased Recordings) Verbe 823 721 LP D EX + OIS (photos + text)  20


> RockLP-26 KW
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
Waits, Tom --> Singers, Songwriters 
Weathermen Ten deAdly kisses Bias 42 LP BEL 86 EX/NM   20
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 2 Reprise R 6270 LP US 67 NM/EX First pressing 1967 with original tri-color label (with large riverboat) in wonderful condition; co 100
White Noise An Electric storm Island ILPS 9099 LP UK (69) EX/NM pink rim label 20
Whitesnake Come an' get it  Liberty 1C064-83134 LP D 81 NM  Whitesnake's best album; +OIS (lyrics) 20
Who > "THE WHO" (special section / eigene Seite)
Wigwam Fairyport Love 2-LRLP 44/45 2 LP FIN 71 NM/EX + stapled booklet + insert.



Wigwam Hard n' Horny Love LRLP-9 LP FIN 69 NM/EX


* aoo
 Winter, Johnny Johnny Winter CBS 63 619 LP D EX+/EX++ Original Erstpressung 1969 der ersten Johnny Winter LP. Laminat-Cover, swol 35
Winter, Johnny (Johnny Winter And) Live  CBS 22020 LP  D 71 NM Topzustand wie neu. LC code. 35
 Winter, Johnny Second Winter CBS 66 231 2 LP D 69 EX++/NM Original Erstpressung 1969 im Topzustand. Original GEMA, keine Holland-Pressung 30
Winter, Johnny The Progressive Blues Experiment Imperial 12431 LP US 69 EX++ Original 1st press USA 1969. slight ring wear. co. + orig. inner sleeve 30
Wishbone Ash Argus MCA MAPS 6007 LP ITA 72 EX/NM Original 1972, Laminiertes Klapp-Cover 30
Wishbone Ash Argus MCG 3510 LP UK 72 NM Wie neu ab Fabrik! Klapp-Cover. Schwarzes Label 30
Wishbone Ash Best of Wishbone Ash MCA 6.22279 LP D 75 NM    20
Wishbone Ash Double Live Dates MCA 82002 LP D NM   25
Wishbone Ash Double Live Dates MCA 250.426 LP D NM   25
Artist/Group Title Label/No. Format Country/
Quality Remarks Price in SFR
 As buyers of exceptional record collections we can always offer top titles from the inner sanctum of vinyl rock , jazz, reggae, punk, etc. in top condition
Young, Neil After the Gold Rush Reprise 44068 LP D EX/NM Original-Klappcover 15
Young, Neil Decade Reprise 64037 3 LP D 76 NM Dieses 3er-Album mit reich bebildertem Mehrfach- Klappcover kam 1976 heraus und fasst die Dekade von Neil Youngs Schaffen von 1967-1976 zusammen. Keine billige Kompilation, sondern ein Meilenstein der Rockmusik, unerlässlich für alle, die Neil Youngs musikalisches Werk chronologisch korrekt erfassen möchten. Natürlich im Super-Neuzustand wie fast alles auf dieser Website! *
Young, Neil Harvest Reprise 44131 LP D EX FOC + lyrics (Textblatt) 20
Young, Neil Harvest Reprise REP 44131 LP NL EX Vanille-farbiges Vinyl + FOC + lyrics (Textblatt)

(vanilla-colored vinyl)

Young, Neil (+ Crazy Horse) Live Rust Reprise 64041 2 LP D 79 EX + 2 OIS 20
Young, Neil Time fades away Reprise K54010 LP UK 73 EX/NM UK Erstpressung 1973 + Lyrics Poster (Poster mit allen Texten) *
Young, Neil Neil Young Reprise 44059 LP D NM His first LP - Seine erste Solo LP incl. "Emperor of Wyoming", "The Loner", "Last Trip to Tulsa" *
Young, Neil + Crazy Horse Rust Never Sleeps Reprise 54105 LP D NM + insert (lyrics) *
Young, Roy Mr. Funky MCA MCPS 5263 LP ITA 71 NM   20
Zappa, Frank 200 Motels MCA 2-4183 2 LP CAN 86 EX/NM still in shrink!  20
Mothers of Invention (= Frank Zappa) Absolutely Free Verve V/V6-5013  LP US 67 EX Original USA 1967 MONO pressing!!!   *ho
Zappa, Frank Chunga's Revenge Bizarre reprise 2030 LP FRA 79 EX/NM Original 1970 laminated gatefold cover


 Mothers of Invention (= Frank Zappa) Burnt Weeny Sandwich Zappa 35 LP FRA EX+/EX gatefold cover; EAN code 20
Mothers of Invention (= Frank Zappa) FREAK OUT! ZAPPA 1 2 LP US (66) NM Topzustand wie neu. + original inner sleeves. 84er reissue des genialen ultrararen 66er Debütalbums der Mothers 30
Zappa, Frank (Mothers of Invention) Over-nite Sensation Discreet Reprise MS 2149 LP US 73 NM Braunes Label! Dickes Klapp-Cover + "Supergroup" OIS. Alles im rarren Topzustand! 30
Zappa, Frank Sheik Yerbouti  CBS 88339 2 LP NL 79 NM +OIS (lyrics) 25
Zappa, Frank (Mothers of Invention) The Grand Wazoo Reprise MS 2093 LP CAN NM Klapp-Cover 25
Zappa, Frank (Mothers of Invention) The Grand Wazoo Reprise K 2093 LP UK 72 NM Klapp-Cover 30
Zappa, Frank Waka / Jawaka Bizarre Reprise 44203 LP D NM   20
Zephyr Zephyr Probe CPLP 4510 LP US 690 EX+ Killer  Hard-Rock Legende mit Tommy Bolin. Original USA 1969 Erstpressung mit Klapp-Cover 20
ZZ. Top Deguello Warner 56701 LP D 79 NM + original innter sleeve feat "the lone wolf horns" *
ZZ Top Eliminator WB 92-3774-1 LP D NM Topzustand; + original inner sleeve *
 Z.Z. Top Fandango Warner 56604 LP D NM  + original inner sleeve with photo Austin Texas stadium 1974. Neuzustand *
 Z.Z. Top Tejas Warner WB 56605 LP D 80 NM Der legendäre Longplayer mit dem dreifach aufklappbaren Orignalcover. Topzustand. 25
 Z.Z. Top Tejas Warner BSK 3272 LP US 80 NM Der legendäre Longplayer mit dem dreifach aufklappbaren Orignalcover. Topzustand. 25
 Z.Z. Top Tres Hombres  Warner 56603 LP D NM Erstpressung, Original FOC. Alles im Neuzustand. 20
Z.Z. Top Z.Z. Top's First Album London PS 584 LP US 71 NM Die Original Erstpressung USA 1971 mit Original blau/silber London Stereophonic Label im Topzustand! Kein Reissue. Original-Mix der Songs (nicht wie auf CD!). Original US-Cover aus schwerem Karton. '12-2-70' Matrix (handgeritzt). Labels und Vinyl wie neu ab Fabrik mit originalem Spiegelglanz. Ein Super-Sammler-Exemplar inkl. rarer Original Innenhülle mit Fotos *aoo
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Frank Zappa Viynl LP 'Hot Rats'. Frank Zappa Schallplatten. Grosse Auwahl an Frank Zappa LP Schallplatten, Signles Schallplatten, Mothers of Invention Schallplatten Raritäten. Disques 33 et 45 torus Frank Zappa Mothers of Invention en vente ici. Dischi 33 45 giri Frank Zappa Mothers of Invention . Frank Zappa skivor. Mothers of Invention skivor.
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The Velvet Underground and Nico Andy Warhol Schallplatte. Vinyl Record LP. Velvet Underground Lou Reed Schallplaten singles Schallplatten Vinyl LP Schallplatten in gorsser Auswahl. Disqeus 33 et 45 tours Velvet Underground Nico Lou Reed. Dischi 33 45 giri Velvet Underground Nico Lou Reed. Velvet Udnerground Skivor.


Wishbone Ash Vinyl LP 'Argus'.  Vinyl Schallplatte. Disque 33 tours.
Frank Zappa Schallplatten. Frank Zappy vinyl records. Franz Zappa record album 'Sheik Yerbouti'. Disques 33 tours et 45 tours Frank Zaoppa Mothers of Invention. Dischi 33 45 giri. skivor Mothers of Invention Frank Zappa
Frank Zappy vinyl Lp 'Freak Out'. The Mothers of Invention first record album from 1966. The legendary Freak Out. Die erste und mit Abstand beste LP von Frank Zappa und den Mothers of Invention war 'Freak Out' im jahr 1966.
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